Product labels for WooCommerce plugin

While digital marketing and advertising are still an essential element of promotional strategies, using product labels has also emerged into a great asset especially when it comes to e-commerce.

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The benefits of product labels a.k.a badges on WooCommerce are undeniably evident to the growth of your online business. As a business owner, you should invest in custom labels to grow your customers and your market. You can design custom product labels for your products and services on a WooCommerce website using a plugin that offers multiple designing options. With the help of such plugins, you will be able to deliver your brand awareness to the right target audience in the competitive online market.

Product Labels for WooCommerce

This plugin allows WooCommerce users to create product labels, attach them to products, and customize them. This interactive product label builder will create custom product labels effortlessly without any coding in just a matter of minutes. It does not require any design experience and anybody can use it.

These custom product labels are visible to the customers on the shopping website on the products page or even on the category pages. Instead of browsing the entire website, the customer can simply visit the labeled products which allow them to save time and effort.

Key features

Create beautiful, classy product labels

Customize labels form an attribute within your product or service feed. They can serve as an effective tool in your online shopping campaigns, business introduction and product endorsement. Different beautiful and classy product labels that are customized according to your business, you will gain a lot of attention as compared to others.
Your custom product badges reflect your brand image. So, select a good design layout and details to present and summarize your whole business idea. With the help of “Product Labels for Woo-commerce” plugin, you no longer have to hire a graphic designer. Just use the plugin to create different designs quickly and easily.

Customized shape, font styles, and colors

Customization is not only limited to design but you can customize labels simply by changing the font style, colors and shape. Remember that the main goal of a custom label according to marketing and advertising strategy is to promote your brand awareness to the market. So, it’s extremely necessary that your custom labels should be clear, attractive and readable. The information printed on your labels should be visible to the naked eye that’s why you should select the appropriate font size and color to grab the customer’s attention.

Flexible padding and product sticker position adjustment

All the elements of this plugin have flexible padding so you can easily just and position them without any hassle. With the help of this pug in the site admin can set an image for the product label and create an unlimited number of product badges. The size of these labels is adjustable so you can easily position them whenever you want to.

A bulk number of options

If you want to create a better products catalog for the WooCommerce archive page then you should use this plugin for custom labels. This plugin offers a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you are selling organic skincare or antique jewelry, you will find suitable design options here. Moreover, these templates are customizable so anyone can design them to suit their product and services.

Perfect for any level of user

To use this plugin, you do not have to be a website developer or an expert e-commerce builder. Even a beginner site admin can also use this plugin to create perfect custom labels for products and services on a WooCommerce website. The simple and easy editing options along with flexible positioning and adjustment, make this plugin a great resource for anyone who wants to create custom labels without spending a lot of time, effort and money.

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