Best Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce User Experience (UX)

The online shopping industry has tremendously grown in recent years and has emerged into a significant part of the mainstream global retail trade division. Fast development in web and broadband infiltration, joined with consumer recognition of electronic business as a feasible and safe option, has made online shopping very convenient. Industry administrators have profited from customers looking for value and variety especially in a time of curbed optional salary development and unstable consumer behavior.

Online shopping offers a great platform for customers through very competitive costs and an absence of geological limits. Besides, the usage of coupons and discount codes have also attracted a tone of customers towards online shopping. Whether its apparel, footwear, household items or tech gadgets, customers can get discount codes and coupons for almost anything and make purchases at reduced costs than the actual price. Moreover, just being able to buy things from the comfort of your house is the best experience ever.

Now you know how eCommerce plays an important role in our everyday life. Did you know: 38% of online shoppers will leave an online store if your website is unattractive?! Hence, you must know how to improve the website experience (UX) for your customers.

Improving Your Ecommerce UX for Visitors

Website experience (UX) comprises many factors – both technical and apparent. Your website design, construction, and organization will determine the basic user experience of your website. However, if your website is already up and running but you want to improve the UX affordably and effectively then here is how you can do that:


The first and most important things are feedback. If you don’t even know where your website is lacking, how will you even fix the issues? Quizzes, reviews, surveys, and feedback cards are a well-known tool with shoppers and brands alike. You can utilize them to get to know the customer better, qualify leads, and study your objective market. So pose inquiries about purchasing behavior, shopping experience, buyer tastes, whatever else that could be valuable for your eCommerce store. Use the feedback generated and improve the problem areas of your eCommerce store. 

Improve Website Navigation

Website navigation is a crucial element in deciding how users will like your website. Ecommerce websites (especially large ones) have thousands of products, different pages, categories, and sections. If the users cannot find what they are looking for because of the poor layout or design then they will simply leave. A well designed and smoothly running website is very important for your business. If you want to make the visitors keep coming back then you have to give them the best website experience. To improve the quality of a website, having logical, clear and quick navigation is a key factor. Using website navigation surveys help us in identifying such errors and design faults which can cause a serious problem for the business.

Optimize Your Load Time

Load time refers to the time a page on your website takes to fully load. If the page speed is slow, users will be annoyed and get a bad impression of your eCommerce store. According to statistics, 79% of website shoppers will never return to a website if they face slow website speed. For every second of impatient agony that your website causes the visitors, you are losing potential customers. Hence, make sure you optimize your load time to enhance the user experience of your website and retain visitors. Some easy ways of improving your page speed are compressing the image size and keeping the website layout simple.

Keep Checkout Simple

According to statistics 69% online shopping carts are abandoned. One of the main reasons for that is lengthy and complicated checkout procedures. The whole point of shopping online is that it’s quick and hassle-free. However, when checkout becomes confusing and time-consuming, shoppers simply leave and abandon the carts. Each online shopping cart that is filled yet not taken to check out ought to be seen as a wasted chance for online retailers. To improve the UX for online shoppers give offers to help if they have “trouble checking out,” and offer discounts and different motivating forces. Offering such incentives at the time of checkout, make sure that the customer makes the purchase and it enhances their overall user experience (UX). 

Make the Content Perfectly Clear

Another reason why many users rate a website experience badly is the wording and arrangement of content. If they don’t understand what you’re trying to tell them, it will only lead to confusion. The terms of the content must be simple and engaging to have the greatest impact on visitors. Create original, honest and relevant content for the users. If you have special deals or discounts going on, make them prominent and make sure the placement is appropriate. You do not want your visitors to be confused about whether they are seeing the full price or the discounted one. Any confusion regarding the price will lead to abandoned carts.

Understand and Attract the Visitors

If a visitor is in your eCommerce store that’s because they are interested in what you are selling. Your UX will decide whether they want to stay and keep coming back or not. Thus, understanding your consumers is one of the most crucial and fundamental steps of fixing your website. If you do not know who you are trying to attract to your business then all your efforts will fail.


Come up with an exciting offer to get new customers to enter your site or your store. As indicated by a report, 80% of customers would readily switch brands when offered a convincing deal. This is one of the main reasons why organizations use coupons. Convey coupons that are qualified for first-time clients. Use demographics to draw in suitable clients. The most significant observations in focusing on new consumers are:

  • What are their interests?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they purchase?
  • What is the level of their income?
  • What is their gender?
  • What is their age?
  • What are their political views?
  • What are their religious backgrounds?

Keep in mind, to change new clients into faithful ones, you have to offer to follow up deals. The subsequent deals ought to be sufficiently huge to maintain a healthy relationship with the customer, yet not big enough so you miss out on huge deals. 

Existing Customers

Offering discounts can urge your current consumers to keep on returning and to fabricate loyalty. Continuously catch up with further deals and promotions. You can have a popup or coupon pennant on your site, send coupons to your email list, blog about it or post it on your social media. Always try special on offers that sustain a continuous relationship. Do not give discounts on things they already purchase often, instead introduce new products. Promoting an extra or another item can be very profitable for your eCommerce business. 


Your website is the core reason why you have an online business. What will make your eCommerce business stand out is how well you convince visitors why your website is better from the competitors’. Focus on the website experience as it is one of the biggest factors in retaining long term visitors. This is how small startups grow into massive successful businesses. Hence, designing a great user experience will lead you to success and prosperity in the long-run!

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