The Power of Colors – 10 Colors that Will Boost your Sales

Marketers have experimented with color psychology for quite some time now. Believe it or not but colors play a very important role in determining the success of a marketing campaign. Colors are said to evoke emotions in the consumers which influence and motivate their purchasing power. Moreover, color play can also be used to create relevance and amiability with the brand. Even changing the color scheme can have a huge impact on your business. Hence, it is important to know what color to choose and why each color has its own effect on the human mind and behavior.

Today, we will talk about the power of colors and how you can use them to increase your sales.
Here are 10 colors to influence your customer’s emotions and purchasing power.

Red – Power, and Attention

Red is often associated with anger, danger, rage, and love so it is simple to say that red is the color of powerful emotions. It is used to grab attention and attract the customer’s mind. Therefore, red is the most popular color when it comes to marketing.

The color red immediately makes things look appealing as it instantly creates a powerful psychological trigger. This is also the reason why it has become a universal color for sales, discounts, and promotions. So, introduce this dominant color in your marketing campaigns and enjoy the benefits!

Blue – Calm and Trustworthy

Blue is the color of calm, tranquility, coolness and stability. It evokes feelings of trust and loyalty. Therefore, it is a popular choice of color when it comes to banks and other financial institutions. We also see a lot of blue on the internet such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in, etc. The reason being blue is a color of reliability and makes people feel more confident.

The color blue can help you increase sales for businesses that stir stressful emotions in the consumers such as medicine, finances, insurance. Blue calms the nervous system and makes it easier for the customer to make a purchase.

Pink – Feminine, and Fun

The color pink is universally associated with the female gender. Hence, it is the first choice for all things cute, frilly, girly, fun, romantic and sweet. This color evokes feminine emotions such as gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, playfulness, and humility. Therefore, brands with a female demographic as consumers always have the color pink. For example, Victoria’s Secret, Always, Barbie, Cosmopolitan, etc. Using the color pink in your marketing campaigns will attract the female audience as well as induce feminine emotions within the male consumers.

Yellow – Happy but Intense

Yellow is a dangerous color to play with. You have to be very careful with this hue as it can make or break your business. While yellow is often associated with happiness and attention, it can also be very intense on the mind. Hence, overpowering yellow will leave your audience confused and visually fatigued.

Yellow is excellent for highlighting important features etc. as it can leave a memorable impact on the mind. So, use it right and command the attention of your consumers.

Green – Versatile and Positive

Green is a versatile color that is mostly associated with positive things such as nature, soothing, environmentally friendly, etc. While the darker shades of green leave a positive impact on the consumers, brighter shades can be used to stimulate energy and creativity. Moreover, green is also the color of money so it can also stimulate wealth.
All in all, green can be used to market environmental, eco-friendly, high-tech and electronic products.

Orange – Bold and Energetic

Orange is the color of energy. It is great to evoke urgency, boldness, and liveliness among the consumers. It grabs attention while making the product appear fun. It is also said that orange stimulates hunger therefore, many food brands and restaurants use orange in interior and logo design.
Hence, orange can be used to influence the purchasing of impulse buyers and foodies. This rebellious color can also harm the sales if not used right so be careful!

Black – Luxury and Authority

Black is a classy color associated with authority, luxury and elegance. This is the reason why most luxury products or settings use the color black such as black tie events etc. If you notice, you’ll see high-end brands with a dominant male audience play with black as the primary color; these include Rolls Royce, Tom Ford, and Rutgers’s University, etc.
Black is also referred to as plain and simple, hence, many modern brands promoting minimalism use this color in their promotions on the website, product design, etc.

White – Peace and Perfection

White is the color of peace, innocence, purity, and perfection. Though is it often associated as bland, white evokes calm and serene emotions leading to a sense of hope and comfort. Many skincare brands use white as the dominant color to play with consumer’s minds.
However, too much white can also induce a cold industrial feel. Thus, use white only when you can handle it right!

Purple – Royalty and Achievement

Purple has an interesting vibrancy to it. It combines the calmness of blue with the fierceness of red, hence creating a perfect balance between the two. This is why it has always been associated with royalty, opulence, achievement, and success.
However, being a bright color purple does have an alarming effect on the mind. It is also a great color to attract a mature female demographic.

Gold – Grand, and Magical

The color gold is associated with luxury, grandeur, extravagance, magic, and glitz. This is the perfect color to attract the rich. However, too much gold can look tacky. But luxury brands offering expensive products when use this color right, they create an amazing effect on the consumer’s mind. For example, Gucci, Givenchy, and Lindt are all brands that represent a touch “extra”. It is all about glamour, indulgence, and lavishness.


Marketing is the backbone of sales. Implementing the right marketing strategies will boost your sales and earn you profit. A key element of marketing is the use of color psychology. Using the right colors will affect the purchasing intent of your consumers. So, with the help of the above-mentioned colors and what they reflect, get ready to increase your sales.

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