Repurpose Your Content: From Blog Posts to Social Media Statuses

I bet at some point, you seemed to run out of ideas for content marketing campaigns, no? We get you.
Content marketing is quite substantial; mainly because the sole purpose of it is drawing the attention of more visitors so that you could eventually turn them into customers. But… does anyone ever mention how hard content marketing could be?

Content marketing is considered challenging to many companies. And in order to keep visitors coming, you must produce engaging content. If the word “engaging” reminds us of anything, it is definitely social media. It is as much about engagement with other people as it is about publishing content.

“Social media engagement is the new social media marketing.”

In this article we are backing you up with a number of ways that will help you turn your blog posts into social media content.
First things first, know that it is not only about sharing your links on social platforms, it is about adapting your blog content to social media. You will be doing that to generate more traffic and hence, more profit.
Yet, the question still persists: Why should you convert your blog content into social media content?

Glad you asked! For a number of reasons, a successful way to merge your blog and social media content is done by turning your blog posts into shorter versions on multiple social media statuses and updates. Why merge them, you ask? By merging them, you draw the bigger picture of your content strategy. Not only that but it also helps you drive more traffic considering the huge number of active social media users.

To get a better understanding of its impact, here’s a chart showing the most popular social media platforms as of January 2020, ranked by number of active users in millions.

Repurposing your content can also inspire you to come up with new content, especially that you could build multiple social media updates from one blog posts.
And now without further ado, let’s examine some of proved successful techniques to assist you in turning your blog posts into social media updates.

Ways to Convert Your Blog Posts into Social Media Content

One thing to bear in mind before following these techniques is to imagine yourself in your visitor’s shoes. You wouldn’t want to see a link in some post without knowing what it is about or why you should click it. Therefore, make sure they know the reason why they should click it.

Creating Picture Quote and Infographics

Internet users are proven to be increasingly more interested in visuals than written content. All the same, users are mostly into consuming content from social media than from articles or blogs. Needless to say, picture quotes are one of the best ways to connect with your followers on any social media platform. Great picture quotes develop simple content into creative storytelling by adding perspective.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when creating picture quotes:

  • Relevance: Your audience will expect a particular type of content, so make sure to always meet their expectations and share relevant content.
  • Affirmations: Emphasize the need to believe in your product or service with quotes.
  • Influential: Reflect the direction of your business using influential quote pictures.

Take a look at your best articles/blog posts that got the most visits and gather bits of information and quotes from them. They could be statistics or statements.

Turning Blog Posts into Videos

We’ve already established that images are great sources for attracting and retaining visitors. Now, imagine the high engagement video content would get.

But how do you turn a blog post into a video? Good question!

  • Highlight the main points: The style you used to write content for your blog won’t suit video content. It needs to be more conversational and more natural. Therefore, write a script made from the points you highlighted and tell it as a story in your video.
  • The shorter, the better: You don’t want to lose your audience’s attention. Thus, create informative and engaging videos that are less than 2 minutes long.
  • Use calls-to-action: Direct your viewer towards the next step. It could be, for instance, visiting your website for checking the full article.

If you’re not yet convinced of why you should do this, let the numbers convince you:

  • 82% of Twitter users watch videos on Twitter.
  • 92% of mobile users share video with each other.

Initiating Live Discussions about a topic

There sure has been a post of yours that had people inquiring about certain things, perhaps even comments with numerous questions. You could answer these questions by starting a live discussion and perhaps also answer additional questions from your audience. That way, you would ensure engagement and more traffic.
Almost every social medium out there has the live video option available for you to use. Focus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter since everyone is mostly active on them.

Creating Tweetable Quotes

An easy was to merge you blog and social media content is by granting readers the change to share tweetable snippets from your blog/article. A tweetable quote is pretty straightforward; it’s done when ideas are compressed into short catchy sentences that bloggers embed into their blog posts to make their reader want to tweet them. They usually include calls-to-action.

Creating Polls

Polls are an effective way to spark a discussion about your article topic and persuade your followers to participate. As a matter of fact, polls could increase your web traffic by around 20%.
Twitter has to be the most fitting platform for polls. In order to create one on twitter, go the “Tweet button” on your account and select “Add Poll”. Type down the question you have in mind and add up to four choices so that your audience could select as their answer.


It may not be an easy to task to convert blog posts into social media content but it is definitely a very rewarding way that ensures high engagement and great traffic to your website. Choose what works best for your business but keep in mind that you should stay in front of customers wherever they may be.

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