10 Ways To Turn Your WooCommerce Store Visitors into Buyers

A traffic surge after all the efforts to attract visitors can be the most delightful moment for a WooCommerce shop owner. It can be equally disappointing if the visitors don’t get converted to customers. 
It is imperative to consider every visitor as an opportunity to drive sales. If you have already achieved the milestone of bringing the audience to your WooCommerce store, then conversion is not far. All that is required to succeed is some effective planning. 

Follow these 10 tips to convert your WooCommerce Visitors into Customers.

Speed Up your website

Imagine going to a store to buy something and you are made to wait because the service is slow. Frustrating right? Chances are that you may even leave the shop and go to the next best alternative. The same goes for WooCommerce stores too as every second count. Delay by even a second can reduce revenue marginally. 

Having a faster loading website is thus essential to provide a smooth shopping experience to the buyers. This must be considered a priority as it can reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions.

 Here are some effective ways to improve the speed of your WooCommerce store:

  • Install a WordPress Cache Plugin that will turn the webpages to static. The users will have access to quick loading pages as they need not be reloaded every time there is a request.
  • Images can make your website stand out, but it can also make the website slower as it takes longer to load. Compressing images is an ideal solution to increase the speed of the website. It can now be done effortlessly with WordPress image optimization.

  • Disable Cart Fragmentation features AJAX for a faster loading website. This will improve the site’s performance remarkably and can be done using a plugin. 

Read more about how to speed up your WooCommerce store.

Strive to drive Instant Action

It’s not just the website speed you must be concerned about to increase conversions. You also have to strive to ensure that visitors speed up their actions to buy the product. The potential customer must be convinced that they might miss the product or deal if the action is not instant.
 Offers like free shipping and discounts for a limited time can work like magic to increase the sense of urgency. Notifications about limited stocks can also lead the customer to make a quick purchase.

Bring back the Visitors

Shopping cart abandonment is a nightmare for every WooCommerce store owner; however, it cannot be completely avoided. Many first-time visitors might be interested in buying your products, but maybe hesitant due to certain factors. Complex checkout process, payment security concerns, hidden costs like shipping charges are some of the most common causes for this. 

It is imperative to bring such potential customers back to your website to raise the conversion rate.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Add a Wishlist plugin to encourage visitors to come back to your website. With this feature, users get to the product to but it later. This can also indirectly help in the promotion of your website as users can share the Wishlist on social media platforms.

  • Send timely Cart Abandonment notification to visitors to stay in their minds and entice them to complete the purchase. Let the plugins do the job of sending automated notifications to win the customers.

Display Product Comparison

With fierce competition in online marketing space, customers have numerous options available to choose from. It is thus apparent that they would like to view other options and buy the best one. Do not let the customer divert their attention to another website to compare the products. Displaying product comparison on your website is a great way to ensure that customers would stick to your online store. Implement ways to give an insight to the visitor that you are better than the competitors. This is an effective strategy to increase conversion by turning visitors to customers.

Create an Organised Website

Nothing can be more convenient for a user than an organized website. You can make the customer shopping experience a delightful affair by offering them an easy-to-access online store. Include the following features to ensure that the potential customer does not leave without making a purchase.

Easy Navigation

It is essential for a successful E-commerce website to be clutter-free and have a simplified menu. Leave no space for confusion in the mind of visitors with an easy to navigate website. This will lead the customers to effortlessly find the right products and complete the transaction.

Implement a Search Bar

Make it easier for the customers to find the desired products by implementing a search bar. Diligent placement of the search bar is also extremely important 

Prompt Response

A visitor is bound to have doubts regarding the products and it needs to be addressed immediately to drive sales. Live chat platforms are a great way to swiftly respond to customer queries. This will also create a sense of reliability towards the website and increase the chances of conversion.

Display Related Products

Just like any traditional brick and mortar stores, boosting overall sales is necessary to increase the revenue of online stores. Displaying related products on the website is similar to a salesman showing different varieties of similar products to choose from. Use related products in your WooCommerce store to make it easier for the visitors to finalise their decision.

Upload High-Quality Images and Videos

In an online shopping scenario, images act as a major factor that influences the purchase decision. Uploading high-quality images highlighting all the important features of the product is thus necessary. You can further convince the buyer that the product would meet up their expectation by uploading pictures from different angles.

Include Video demonstrations to quickly gain the visitor’s attention towards the features of the product. It will also make the website appealing and you can stay ahead of competitors too

Captivating Product Description

For a visitor to identify if he needs the product, short and precise product descriptions are mandatory. In addition to being informative, it must also be catchy to attract buyers.
Meticulously highlight the key features to convince visitors to turn to customers.

Swift Checkout Pages

Although checkout is the final phase of an online purchase process, it is the most crucial stage. One of the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment is a complex checkout process. Cancellation of a transaction at the final stage can make all the marketing efforts go in vain. 

Simplify the checkout process and get only the essential information like billing information and shipping address to carry out the transaction smoothly. Avoid any other questions that are not related to the purchase as it can frustrate the customers.

Publish Feedbacks

For an online shopping website, product reviews can play a significant role in influencing others to buy a product. 
Display all the feedbacks and other shoppers’ experiences of the product on your website. Besides assisting customers in making the purchase decision, it also adds to the credibility of the website.
You can also go a step ahead and use the power of social media influencers to pursue the audience to try your product

Set Well-defined Refund Policy

A legitimate and trustworthy WooCommerce store is bound to taste success as it will have loyal customers. Streamlined refund policy can help your website win its share of trust from the customers. Strictly adhere to the well-defined refund policy if a customer is not satisfied with a product. Whether it is an exchange or return request, the terms must be clear and transparent. 
This assurance will let the customers come back to you even if they have had an unpleasant shopping experience.

Keep your eyes focused on conversion optimization and aim to make every visitor cross the finishing line of sale.

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