Creative Techniques to Increase Ecommerce Site Traffic

As e-commerce sales are increasing every year, the competition between the different websites is also on the rise. In this guide we will explore different creative techniques on how to increase website traffic at a low budget.

Customize your Pinterest and Instagram gallery

Many people prefer searching on social media to find different products, rather than searching on the web. Therefore, your ecommerce strategy must target social media as well.

Connecting your business with social media websites is a very crucial way to expand your business.

There are several ways to do this. You can involve your customers on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram by:

Pinning and posting

Pinning images of your products from the website on your feed.

Linking shopping carts

Putting a direct link of your shopping-cart under the post.


Sharing reviews and feedback of your customers from your website.

Paid feature

Using Pinterest’s paid feature that allows customers to buy directly from your pins.


Putting up trending hashtags under your posts to gain traffic.

Both of these apps help your business grow.

Go with the SEO action plan

SEO strategy is very important for creating a successful e-commerce store, and there are thousands of SEO action plans that you can follow. However, you should only follow the latest SEO action plans for better results.

Here’s a glimpse of 2020’s SEO action plan you can follow:

Content Optimization

Carefully try to optimize and manage your site’s matter, content, image, and code to reduce the overall loading time of the page.

Mobile Optimization

It’s better to ensure that your website is optimized properly for users of all types such as desktop, mobile, and tablets users.

Improve SERP Ranking

Try to focus on improving your customer SERPs rank by putting up unique content, or by adding schematic markups to your site.

Engaging Content

Making your content engaging for customers using voice search and recommendation engines. It is estimated that voice search brings to 50% of all recent searches.

FAQ section

Starting an FAQ page or section on your website is a great way to hild and engage curious customers. To find FAQS just look for common questions on Google’s Search Console.

Build a Blog

Many customers love to read details about their desired product before buying. It is said that business-to-business marketers with blogs receive 67% more leads.

Creating a blog by putting relevant content in it not only helps in elevating the organic traffic for your e-commerce website, but also allows you to become an influencer at the same time!

To sell your products from your blog page, try to embed a Buy Button or a Product Widget that helps in linking your audience directly to your online page or store. You can even add a navigation link to your blog for easy access to your store.

Add in pictures, posts, or PR reviews of your products on your blog to create a keen interest among your followers. Adding in-detail videos as blog-posts on your blog is a plus point.

Build a customer referral program

Launching an e-commerce store without a referral program is a big mistake. The best part about a referral program is that it doesn’t need to be that fancy. Simply referring to a friend or a family member, and receiving their recommendations adds a lot to customer value. (81%, info: AnnexCloud) of customers agree to that.

You just need to add an easy way for customers to review your brand, and then recommend it to others. You can even enhance your referral program by recommending to other brands, influencers, and review teams.

Customers gained through a referral program have a higher chance (25%, info: Huffpost) of permanency than others. The first impression is indeed the last. Satisfied customers are the first ones to share their experience with their companions, and you can enhance this sharing by giving them special promo offers.

Sending samples to influencers

To refrain from the fake world, many customers out there are in search of honest, authentic, and live product-reviews. Hundreds of influencers and bloggers with thousands of followers serve for this purpose. This strategy is known as influencer marketing.

Sharing a sample of your product to such influencers will allow you to connect with both local and international people at a cheap rate. At the same time engaging with influencers for reviews serves as a good referral program too, and becomes a great source of monetizing.

They might become your well-satisfied and permanent customers. This will give you a higher chance of enhancing your e-commerce store by a new source of customer traffic.

Sharing samples and PR packages to influencers is a great way to generate customers when you are broke for putting up expensive advertisements.


By reading the whole article, you now have a better understanding that you don’t need to have a big budget for promoting your ecommerce store. Just keep trying different strategies until you achieve the high traffic for your website.

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