Effective Use of Popups for WooCommerce Stores

Are you looking for an exceptional digital marketing tool that guarantees the attention of your WooCommerce store visitors? Count on popups to do this job efficiently in addition to maximizing conversions. 
Popups have an important role to play in the success story of every ecommerce business. From generating leads, reducing cart abandonment to introducing new products, there is a lot that a popup can do. However, it can also annoy the audience. The aim should be to offer a pleasant user experience while smartly conveying your message.

Promote offers and special deals

The online shopping scenario presents a wide array of choices in front of the customers to choose from. To be appealing to them, you need to state what makes you stand out from the competitors. Popups are the best way to grab the eyeballs of the customers quickly towards what incentives your store has to offer. It can reduce website abandonment to a great extent. You can display popups to promote discounts, referral incentives, free shipping etc. to catch the attention of the buyers.

Educate your audience about the brand and products

Use popups to spread knowledge about your brand and products by offering the visitors a guide to download. You can get the email address and the customer can get exclusive content, so it’s a win-win situation on either side. By educating the customer with a useful and informative eBook, you can build a strong rapport and gain their trust. It’s a great way to convince the audience and increase conversions without forcing a sale.

Announce and display new products

Popups can be considered as an excellent platform to announce new products in the store. With this, you can make sure that the product gets noticed by the visitors and also increase sales. Besides, you can also ensure that the visitor comes back to your store by building curiosity about something coming soon. It can also be used to highlight the featured or best seller products and attract more customers towards it.

Gain new email subscribers

For every ecommerce business, having a healthy and quality email list is essential for its success. Emails act as an incredible medium to stay connected to your potential customers and bring them back to your store. A traffic spike sounds exciting, but to make all the marketing efforts worthwhile you need to focus on maximising conversions. It is only possible when you can contact the visitors and hence it is vital to get their email address.

While it is not feasible to convert every visitor to a customer on their first visit, you can definitely convert them to an email subscriber. That’s where popups comes into the picture. By smartly grabbing the attention of visitors, it makes the process of capturing email addresses easier than ever. Furthermore, Popups are far more effective than the sidebar used to capture email that tends to go unnoticed by the visitors.

Every store owner must keep in mind that an email list is never constant and can deplete over a while. The reasons can be anything like a change of Email address or loss of customer’s interest in the products. The only way to make up for this is to continuously gain new email subscribers. You can always rely on Popups to stock up your Email list and generate leads.

Prevent barriers to purchase

An eCommerce store undoubtedly brings a plethora of golden opportunities; however, it is not free from its share of hurdles. Overcoming these barriers to purchase is important to boost sales and increase revenue. Popups can effectively forestall a potential barrier and can strengthen customer confidence to make the purchase. A few tips that can ensure a smooth buying process by using popups

  • Identify and list out the reasons that make a potential customer reluctant in buying from your store. The most common ones are uncertainty about shipping costs and payment options.
  • Design and display a popup that will address the concern even before it arises. For example, you can display a Popup that the store provides free shipping if the transaction is completed in a specified time. This will reinforce a sense of clarity in the customer’s mind and they will now be determined to complete the purchase.

Learn about the audience and improve engagement

Learning about the audience by understanding what interests them and what they expect from you. In addition to encouraging audience engagement, it also improves brand loyalty and its reach. You can use Popups to gather information and understand consumer behaviour. With the help of this, you can create personalised content for the audience which will motivate them to stay with your brand. Besides conducting a survey, you can also ask for feedback and opinions from the audience. It’s also a great way to let the audience know that you value them and consider their preferences as a priority. With Popups, be ready to get more responses and participation from the audience.

Reduce annoyance of popups with proper planning

The benefits of Popups are manifold, but if not done right, it can get invasive and annoying. A popup must be designed in a way to add value and not distract the customers from why they are on the website. It is thus extremely important to display it at the right time and in the right way to improve user experience. 

Here are some of the most popular ways to implement popups and reap maximum benefits.


The timing is considered as the supreme aspect of efficiently displaying a popup. Avoid the mistake of featuring a popup as soon as a visitor comes to your website. It can be displeasing and can do more harm than good. Ideally, you must allow the visitor to stays on the page for at least 60 seconds before displaying the first popup. They might have already gained interest in the products during this time and will look forward to the additional information. Based on the idea behind the Popup, you can then display it at different times throughout the session. 


Add relevance to a Popup by displaying it only on the appropriate pages that are pre-defined. Depending on the content, the Popups can be tailor-made to suit the page. It will make the Popup more useful to the buyers and will lead to more conversions.

Scroll Based

You can program a Popup to appear when the visitor has scrolled to a certain point on the website. With the Scroll based popups you can present the information right at the moment when the visitor is ready to make a decision. For example, you can display a popup right after a product description with a Call-To-Action (CTA) button to purchase the product. This will prompt the users to click on the popup as they are already familiar with the product. It’s an excellent way to make the customer engage with your posts and boost your sales.

Exit Intent

This is one of the most successful popups as it brilliantly retains the audience from leaving the site. When the visitor is about to exit the site, you can highlight a discount or offer an irresistible incentive to convince them to stay. Smartly design the Exit popups to encourage the users to complete the purchase.


The famous saying “Good things come in small packages” turns out to be true in eCommerce marketing scenario. Use popups with proper planning and in the right way. Identify the popup that perfectly matches your business goals with various trials. Once you have decided the best fit, start implementing it right away to bring good fortune to your ecommerce business.

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