Effective Tips for Holiday Landing Pages

So we all know that holiday seasons are unlike any other times of the year. Everything changes; from the music on the radio to the decorations line in the streets… and perhaps so should the look of your landing page too. (You might think… landing page? Why?)
For so many businesses, holidays pose one of the most profitable periods of the year. Therefore, they must be made use of to the fullest! Having said that, holiday seasons are also a time where competition is fierce and it takes a lot to stand out. But, worry not! We’ve got your back with a number of effective tips on how to create a competitive landing page and how to boost its conversion rate.

But first, for all of you newcomers, let’s make sense of what a landing page is.

All You Need to Know About Landing Pages

In a simple sense, a landing page refers to any web page that a user arrives at after clicking a hyperlink. Its definition strayed from its original meaning that is, being a website’s home page to being any page with a stable URL that is indexed by search engines.
The reason behind that is, search engines altered the way everything works. Now, any page with relevant content for a particular query is considered a landing page. The matter which necessitated that websites create a cohesive feel to the entire site instead of focusing on beautifying a page or two only (and drive traffic there).
Yet, if there seems to be a certain page that attracts a great deal of traffic or a page that you purposefully introduce it to the public to market your brand –then it only makes sense to dress it up really well, no?

Questions to Ask About Landing Pages

Remember, nearly anything can be a landing page. So, sit tight and think well of these few questions:

  • Do all pages pose a call to action?
  • Are these call-to-action notes large enough for your visitor to see?
  • Does every page propose a purpose to your visitors? (that is, by directing them to products or services)
  • When a visitor lands on one page, how easy is it to move to another?
  • Is your page layout simple with the accessibility of the search box?

If you are not confident about your answers, you may want to add a few more calls to action or change the general layout of your pages.

Basic Landing Pages You Might Consider Creating for Holiday Shopping Seasons

Examples of Holiday shopping seasons include Christmas, Thanksgiving, Back-to-school and holidays like Labor Day. So you need new landing pages to greets customers, offer products or services or simply to show off your brand.

A temporary holiday landing page

You might want to consider creating a main holiday landing page where all of your emails, social media campaigns would be displayed. That, of course, along with all of your holidays deals and offers. To establish that, you will temporarily change links to your usual homepage to this new page.

Here is why you should do it:
Displaying your best deals that are relevant to these holiday seasons in one page -will most likely help shoppers find targeted items easily. And hence, chances are, more items will be purchased.

A page with an email list for your holiday campaign

You are probably wondering what an email list is. In a simple sense, it is a set of email addresses from past and current clients. These emails could be collected via your website or through social media. The bigger the list, the more subscribers you have.

Yet, the question still persists, why should you create a page with an email list?
Email marketing, over the years, has proven its worth to be a successful digital marketing method. Think about it for a minute, creating and sending out emails doesn’t cost much compared to other digital marketing strategies.
You could share coupons with your customers via email or you could even just use it for the mere idea of showing off your brand. You can draw in more customers to sign up for email by letting them know what they’re signing up for, that is, what you will be offering them through these emails. An example would be as follows: Sign up to receive exclusive deals.

Landing pages specifically for your email subscribers

One thing you should do is treat these subscribers differently. You want them to feel special so why not providing them with landing pages made particularly for them? Sounds good?
You could display special offers in these pages that only your email subscribers can see. For instance:
You have a number of great holiday gift ideas that you want to promote. Place everything you mention in the email in a page of its own.

Pages for existing customers

You do not want to pamper your new clients at the expense of existing customers –because research says that they are the ones who will most likely end up buying from you. Therefore, why not make use of these shopping seasons to create pages for these customers and promote them by remarketing them.

What do you meaning by ‘remarketing’? Glad you asked!
It is any advertising strategy that preserves contact with potential clients after they had already expressed an interest in a business. In simpler words, it is a way to remind people of businesses they have visited in the past which consequently would increase the likelihood that those people will repeat purchases.
So here’s what you should do:
You need to create a welcome back sort of a page for these people. Perhaps, you could also offer gifts for returning, say, points that could be redeemed for discounts.

Final Comments

Holiday seasons are shopping seasons so be prepared beforehand by creating these landing pages listed above to ensure great profit. Oh and before we call it an “article”, consider creating a countdown ticker to holidays. That way, people would know when their time is up.

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