Marketing Ideas During Holiday Season

So you want to stand ahead of the competitors. There is an ample of opportunities to do so during the holiday season to improve your sales stats and achieve the revenue goals for the entire financial year.
But, for all these, the first step to the journey is to get noticed by the most promising customers with the urge to shop more and more from your WooCommerce site. At the time of Black Friday and Cyber Monday when every store is showering 10%, 20%, 40% discount offers, it is not uncommon to get lost in the crowd. What does it takes to grab the attention of your buyers? To ease the things for you, I have herein compiled the top tried and tested hacks to get noticed by the prospective buyers during the holiday season. Following these strategies, you will be able to pursue your target audiences to visit your landing pages without compromising the profit margins.

Introduce Bundled Offers

It may often seem hard to offer discount on every single product. Offering a special price on bundled products is a savior as well as attractive too. Create bundle of related products. For instance, if you are selling computer electronic goods, offer a set of mouse and keyword with the CPU cabinet, monitor, or UPS systems. This helps to create a profitable yet special price offer the customers will find hard to ignore. Leverage cross-selling strategies with bundle offers. To maximize the impact, you can additionally implement cross-selling strategy by displaying additional products on the cart page such as pen drives, portable disks, etc. Do not forget to launch a promotional campaign for such bundled offers on your store.

Launch a New Product

More than lucrative offers, customers are in search for quality. If you are all set to launch a new product, the holiday season is the best time to get noticed. Even if you have an existing product line, buyers will find them interesting when they find an advanced or improved version. This could be one or more of the following:

  • Improved version of an existing product
  • The new product is has added features and more durable
  • Is composed on added nutrients and ingredients
  • A limited edition release
  • Safe and environment-friendly

For instance, if you are selling shoes on your website, try to introduce newer shades, models, etc. Similarly, if you are dealing in software products, try to introduce an advance version or add-ons with added features.

Prize worthy Contests Customers Would Love to Participate

Contests have become very common nowadays. They are thronging on the social media. There is no urge to fill in an entry unless there are awesome prizes to catch the eyeballs. Making a contest exceptional and interesting is not enough unless there are pricy items in the list of prizes to be won. Promote your contest on social media to receive maximum attention. You can even get good response by promoting the contest in the news media. Write a compelling press release or publish a free feature in a local newspaper to get quick response from masses of participants. That is how you can get customers to your website without even declaring a discount.

Display Low-Cost Stuffs to Make Revenue with Upsells

It is easy to achieve higher sales margins and build revenue with low cost small items. During the holiday season, finding small items people can giveaway as fun gifts is always appealing to the customers. Display similar items on the cart checkout page that people won’t mind buying. For instance, if a customer has purchased glasses, teacups, or coffee mugs, display a set of funky coasters at the payment page. Don’t know what products to show on the checkout page? There are several product recommendation extensions for WooCommerce that can help you to sort out a series of items. Suggest these items to your customers before they pay. To get maximum response, there is ample scope of personalizing the list of suggested items. You can display items relevant categories and tags based on the purchase history, and customer actions. WooCommerce also allows you to set conditions for product recommendations including the abandoned items on the cart and many others.

Personalize Newsletters with Exclusive Offers for Existing Customers

Loyalty rewards are always pleasing to your customers. Your existing buyers deserve a retreat for remaining associated with the site purchasing goods for so long. Taking a break from sending regular newsletters, create some exclusive deals for these customers. These links will lead them to a separate landing page wherein they can find the selective products especially coupled with bonanza offers impossible to ignore.

Recommend Product Ideas with Promotions

Not every buyer is mesmerized with the colorful promotional banners depicting discounts and promotional stuff. However, this is a significant chunk of the market you should never miss approaching but with a different strategy.
While there are offers all around, people often get confused what to buy and what not. A cleanly designed newsletter with lots of humor and product recommendations often works wonder. When there is a list of product suggestions with discounts attached to their prices, it can be more appealing and simplified link to click through the landing page for purchasing. There are several ways to implement such tactics. Follow the customer’s actions on the website. Bundle some offers with the products browsed by the person but not purchased for some reason. A special discount attached to a choicest product seems a lucrative option for the buyer. Often these moves help to establish a long-term relationship with a returning customer.

Explore Traditional Advertizing Strategies

In this age, everyone is exploring email marketing and social media promotional campaigns. This means, you have to struggle in the dense crowd. The emails are flooded with several newsletters that may still get unnoticed by the recipient. It is good experimenting with conventional ideas of sending a promotional offer via mail post. Not many businesses leverage such ideas nowadays. Receiving a personalized invitation or contest entry is overwhelming and captivating.

Setup AI Empowered Live Chat on Your Web Store

The service a buyer receives during a purchase from an online store determines the success of the store in the competition. There are millions of competitors selling the same product online, offering free shipping and lots more. Where can you mark the difference? It is the services received during a communication with the support team, order placement, delivery and so on. One of the important aspects is the pre-sales query. Before buying anything, the customer may have some queries in mind. Often people are reluctant to dial the store number to get in touch. The AI empowered 24×7 live chat feature on your website can help. WooCommerce offers a seamless platform to install a chatbot on your online store. You can also integrate your chat feature to powerful platforms like MailChimp, Facebook, and others. The success of using a chat system on your website lies in your prompt attention to customer queries. If a customer has entered a query, answer his questions as early as possible. This means, you need to have an active customer support team to work round the clock. The instant reply to queries through the chat builds trust on the platform and increases your chances to earn more revenue.

Add Countdown Timers to Social Media and Email Campaigns

Whether you announce a mega sale or a captivating contest, a countdown on the email notification or social media promotional banner, always grabs the attention. When the limited period offer is about to expire in a few days, people are keen to take a step and click through the links to reach your landing page. Display offers for a shorter period to maximize the urge in customers to shop early. There is often a fear in shopaholic buyers that the much-loved item will soon be out of stock.

Leverage on Value Added Holiday-Special Services

During the holidays, there is too much of work to do everywhere. The busier roads, traffic congestions make life hectic. Few add-on services on your website are highly appreciable by the buyers who would love to purchase more in near future. For instance, you can offer gift-wrapping or hand-written greetings card writing services at no extra cost on the cart page. Highlight these offers on the cart page so that customers can easily find and take advantage of the add-ons.


There are numerous options to get noticed by your customers not only during the holiday season but throughout the year. All you need to do is to have a scalable, realistic, and target-oriented marketing approach. With the right WooCommerce solutions, and the holiday marketing campaign, you are all set to increase conversions, build long-term customer relationship, and most importantly improve sales revenues on your online store.

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