Top 15 Marketing Strategies to Boost WooCommerce Sales in 2020

Whether you have launched a new WooCommerce-based gift portal or looking to sell B2C products, amid the tight competition, it often seem to tough to cope up with the market competition to improve sales.
This is when it becomes essential to consider the following aspects:

  • Am I following the right marketing practices?
  • Are my current marketing techniques enough to increase the sales?
  • Can I do anything beyond to improve the sales?

If things are not working, it is time to take a pause, evaluate your current marketing plan, and search for new opportunities. During your research, you will find several marketing strategies that could prove a turning point in raising your sales. However, finding all of them under the single roof is challenging. To save your time and ease the things, we have incorporated the most effective marketing strategies herein:

Offer Coupons

No matter the type of products or services you intend to sell on your WooCommerce store, the coupons are always popular among the customers. Everyone likes to receive freebies, discounts, cashbacks, and the list is endless.
WooCommerce offers a seamless platform to customize your coupons based on the past data from the sales records. It is a splendid idea to create irresistible coupon offers to covert your leads into sales. To make your promotional campaign successful with the coupon programs:

  • Choose the adequate distribution channels such as top coupon websites
  • Create eye-catching banners to place the coupon ads
  • Always place your coupons at the high visibility zones of your webpages for onsite promotions
  • Set up coupon rules based on different parameters and restrictions that best suit the purpose of the campaign

Introduce Loyalty Reward Programs for Long-Term Customers

This is an excellent approach to build long-term relationship with potential customers. Declare special prizes for customers completing certain number of purchases or attaining a minimum spending threshold when they shop at your website. It is a decent move to reward the returning customers and persuade them to return again and again to your website for more purchases. You can make maximum out of this program by allowing greater discounts to customers attaining the preset purchase/spending limits. Launch a marketing campaign to promote the loyalty program through various channels to make it successful.

Start Contests for Your Store Promotion

It is always superb to participate in a contest if there is good line up of prizes for the winners. Greater the number of prizes, the greater is the chance of winning. This is also a very common strategy, so it is important to revolutionize the idea to offer something interesting and appealing to pull the audience to your site. It is beneficial to organize them at regular periods such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. Announcing the winner’s name after each contest also helps to win the trust of the visitors.

Announce Commercial Holidays Sale Offers

Your business receives maximum competition during the last couple of months every year or the commercial holidays. Almost every storeowner announces sales offers during the Commercial Holidays. Everyone is aware of the Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays and hunt for the most incredible offers. The storeowners start rolling out discount offers around first week of November to make the most out of the holiday sales. However, to maximize your sales and make the most out of your marketing campaign for the holidays create exclusive offers to stand out from the crowd.

Provide Free Shipping

Customers are often reluctant to spend extra on shipping costs. The free shipping is always a welcome offer for the audiences to save money. You can set up rules for offering shipping cost waiver upon spending a certain amount on single cart checkout, first purchase, etc. Offering the free shipping on the debut purchase helps to win the trust of the customer on the product quality and site services. This is a sure shot tactics to convert the first time buyer into a returning customer.

Offer Special Event Surprises

Many brands have been able to achieve sale success by offering special gift packages on exclusive events. For instance, it feels nice to receive a gift on their birthday as a surprise. You can announce different memberships for your customers and send presents on their birthday, on the store anniversary day, etc.

Flash Sale Offers

This is an advanced strategy to clean off your inventory periodically whenever you want during the entire year. Many popular online stores run such sale offers several times a year. It is a human nature to rush for purchasing goods at the time when units are dropping and the timer ticking on the website. A clear indication that the desired item can get out of stock or the discount offer will end soon.

Giveaways for Higher Purchases

Potential customers who shop for greater cart value deserve special privileges. To reward their spending on your WooCommerce store, it is nice to provide special giveaways when they reach a minimum spending amount within a financial year. Maintaining multiple spending thresholds for different giveaways influences the buyers to shop more on your website throughout the year. You can even pair the freebies offer with flash sales to maximize sale within a short span.

Demonstrate Customer-Centric Advantages in Product Descriptions

The product information on your store is one of the prime determinants of converting a lead into sales. Often online stores are flooded with product features and specifications. If there are too many jargons, it is too difficult to make out how beneficial this product can be to fulfill the needs of the consumer. Customers tend to buy a product that they understand very well and find useful to meet their requirements. Eyeing this aspect, it is necessary to present the product descriptions in a way to explain how each feature and specification benefits the user. If your store is not receiving enough sales, leverage efforts to modify the content on the product details pages.

Explore Cross-selling and Upselling Options

If you have not implemented this before, you are significantly losing sales on your WooCommerce webstore. Both cross-selling and upsells work great to increase sales and revenue on your online store.
To increase sales with cross-selling for instance, if you are trying to sell a mobile handset, offer a combo price to your customers for buying it along with a back cover (complementary product). Similarly, if you want to increase revenue earnings, take advantage of upsells by exhibiting high-end products in the same category as a better option.

Include Personalized Newsletters in Your Email Campaign

It is boring to see the inbox flooded with promotional newsletters everyday. The result is reluctance to click through the links in the email. It is essential to customize the newsletter for each recipient based on purchase preferences. To achieve better consumer response and reach the landing page, custom-tailor the offers based on the buyer’s browsing and purchase history.

Special Offer on Bulk Purchases

This strategy works well in certain product categories especially grocery and stationery goods. Depending on the browsing history, if an user has been looking for a certain item, then offer a third unit free on purchasing two units. This way, you can actually sell two items instead of one- a remarkable idea to clear your inventory quickly off the perishable stocks.

Send Abandoned Cart Reminder with an Offer

Sometimes, there is a lack of urge to purchase an item despite adding it to the shopping cart of the website due to higher prices or lack of any lucrative discount offer. It becomes tempting when the customer receives an abandoned cart reminder by email with a discount offer. In most cases, it helps to persuade the purchase decision.

Exhibit Complementary Products based on Customer’s Purchases

This is a great option to increase sales of complementary products, accessories, etc. For instance, if a buyer has purchased women’s apparel on your website, show products like jewelry, handbags, shoes, and other accessories to influence the person’s purchase decision. Sometimes, it is irresistible for the buyer to avoid shopping more items in such cases.

Make the Purchase Process Short and Simple

Last but not the least; make the cart checkout process short and simple. If a buyer has to take too many steps to complete the product checkout, the urge to purchase keeps dropping with each extra step. Make the product ordering form short, easy to understand, and quick to fill in. Ask only the necessary details to avoid lengthy processes and larger form filling requirements.


These are the most tried and tested winning marketing strategies to improve the sales margin for your new or existing WooComerce business. Moving ahead with the emerging trends and incorporating the recommendations of marketing experts helps to achieve the ace market position. In the age of ever-rising competition, there is also an array of opportunities for every business niche. It is all about developing and implementing a robust sales plan based on the emerging technology and trending marketing practices specific to your WooCommerce store business.

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