Mobile Marketing Strategies for Your WooCommerce Store

Before diving into the discussion on mobile marketing, let’s consider some statistics to see whether or not it is important for business growth. According to Bridge Edge, about 69% of the smartphone users prefer buying products from stores having a mobile website and 90% of the buyers who had a good experience at a mobile online store would return for a purchase again.

As of 2020, there are over 4 billion mobile internet users worldwide and the statistics are rising high every second. In a way, it has revolutionized the way people search for brands, products, and services. Smartphone is rapidly emerging as an eminent mode of communication for consumers across the globe. No matter what industry you belong to, mobile marketing is essential for every business.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the collective term for all the efforts and marketing campaigns businesses leverage to reach the customers using mobile devices. Still not using mobile marketing for your business? It means, you are simply losing business opportunities to the competitors.

Tips to Improve Mobile Marketing Strategy for Your Business

49% of consumers prefer to do shopping on their mobile phone. Now that you know how important mobile marketing is for your business, herein are the proven hacks to persuade your target audience to tap their mobile phone for a purchase from your store.

Make Your WooCommerce Store Mobile-Friendly

Even before you start planning the mobile marketing strategy, the first and foremost task is to optimize your eCommerce website for mobile screens. If you already have a WordPress site, it is easy to switch to a responsive theme with a few clicks. This is cost-effective and gives you the best viewing experience with flexible grid adjustments for various screen sizes. Alternatively, you may consult a developer for the task or use a plugin.

Generate Mobile-Friendly Content for Your Store

What your audiences see when they visit your WooCommere store from the Smartphone devices is a crucial factor to determine the user experience and conversions. Since the content will appear on the small screen, it is your task to ensure they do not end up straining the eyes while reading large texts with smaller fonts. To make your website completely mobile-friendly, it is necessary to modify the content for the small devices to compliment the look and feel of the responsive website. Follow these best practices to make your content easy to read and access for mobile users:

Create Short, Meaningful, and Catchy Post Titles

CoSchedule headline analyser tool recommends keeping the title short up to 6 words maximum. The ideal post headline should be around 5 to 6 words with maximum of 55 characters (including spaces). For example if your title for the PC content is:

How to Make Your Website Content Mobile-Friendly

Then the title for the mobile version can be:

How to Write Mobile-Friendly Content

Follow the Bite, Snack, and Meal Technique

The bite, snack, and meal is a website content writing style devised by Leslie O’Flahavan. She invented this writing approach to address the different types of visitors that regularly access content online.
Some people tend to take an overall glance at the content, some will read through the important portions while others will read everything thoroughly to get the most out of it. According to this technique, you can divide the content in three parts:


This is the headline or the title of post. Having an informative title to the post will help to rouse interest in the audience to read the content.


This is the brief summary of your article. You can also use this as the conclusion to give a short overview of the contents in the article. It should clearly give an idea of what the content is all about.


This is the full content of your post. An impressive title and summary draws the attention of the impatient visitors to read the entire article.

Write Contents in a Few Simple Words

To write concise posts for the mobile users, avoid using long phrases and jargons. Replace them with simple and short words instead. People are comfortable reading posts having simple words. Herein are few examples of hard words and their easy alternatives:

  • Instigate – start, launch
  • Substantiate – prove, confirm
  • Initiation – start, begin

Optimize Mobile Content for the Search Engines

As per the Google search statistics in July 2019, 63% of organic search traffic in the US was from mobile devices and it is on a high rise. Hence, optimizing mobile content for the search engines can bring more targeted traffic to your website.

Keywords are never the same when it comes to optimizing contents for mobile users. Use brand name and model number in the keyword as your audiences are more familiar to these compared to generic keywords used for the web content.

For instance, if your keyword for the PC content is: Best Smartphones Reviews 2020

The keyword for mobile content can be: Best Samsung Smartphone Reviews

Mobile users often do not search for long review articles. Rather, they often have a brand or even model preference in mind when looking for reviews online on their Smartphone.

Check Mobile Usability with Google Search Console (GSC)

GSC is a standard free tool to check your website performance for mobile devices. The Mobile Usability report shows the issues with your mobile website with suggestions to fix them and make them fully functional.

Test Load Speed and Performance

According to Google/SOASTA Research 2017, the bounce rate can increase to 32% if the ‘page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds’. 53% visitors abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. This is why Maile Ohye, Google recommends keeping it under half second. In 2019, John Mueller of Google declared site speed is an important factor for SERP rankings. In simpler terms, websites with slow speed will not only lose traffic but also their chance to rank on first page of SERPs.

Want to fix the website speed problems?
You can check your page speed and performance at the Google Page Speed Insights. You will get the full report with recommendations on how to fix the slow pages.

Send Responsive Email Newsletters to Your Subscribers

According to a statistics on Easysendy, about 1.7 billion users read emails on their mobile devices. If the recipients find it too difficult to read your newsletters, they are most likely to unsubscribe from the mailing list. This is what you may not want. Mailchimp has an excellent interface allowing the users to check the preview of the newsletter for different systems before you send them. Some email marketing services also allow you to send a test mail to your own email address for a trial. Format your newsletters properly to get the best view on mobile. To succeed with your email marketing campaign, it is very important to prioritize the responsive newsletter design for mobile version.

Create Google My Business (GMB) Business Profile

Local marketing is very important for every business. Whether it is a laptop repair service or the favourite pizza, we always search for a nearest provider to receive products and services as fast as possible. Simply enter the search ‘pizza near me’ on mobile browser and you will get list of nearby providers. Whether you are seller or a service provider with a physical location, it is easy to appear on the local searches with your GMB profile. It is free to create a profile on GMB and easy to appear on the Google search lists and Maps. Help your customers to reach your store, restaurant, or salon easily, schedule an appointment, contact for a pre-sales query and so much more.

Use Check-In Feature on Facebook

Are you looking to engage the audiences? Do you want people to talk about your business? If yes, the Facebook’s check-in feature is a wonderful platform to boost more social proof for your business. When a customer visits your business location, it is good to encourage them to use Check-in on Facebook. There are several ways to inspire them to use this feature:

  • Offer coupons, discounts, or deals on the next purchase
  • Start a contest

If your business is big or has strong social media presence, you can get a lot of organic check-ins. You can inform the customers about the check-in information when they are at your business location.

Send Personalized Text Messages

If you feel that the SMS marketing is dead, then consider the following statistics: The SMS marketing campaigns have 98% open rate. While over 75% consumers prefer receiving promotional texts from their favourite brands, most people respond to a text message within 90 seconds. It is cost-effective and easy method to send sales, discount offers, and other notifications to the customers via text messages. Following are some benefits of using SMS marketing even for small businesses:

Effective Communication Platform

SMS marketing allows your customers to reply to the messages, send a feedback instantly, or respond CTA in the message by clicking a link or even taping the reply button.

Instant Delivery

Using bulk SMS marketing service, you can reach out to thousands of customers every day. Once you press the ‘Send’ button, the message is delivered immediately with little or no chances of any technical failure.

Faster Response

With over 90% open rate, you are likely to receive impressions and clicks almost within a few minutes after sending an impressive personalized message.

Track Campaign Performance

With detailed analytics report, you can track who reads the message, clicks through the links, and everything else to plan your strategy accordingly.

Ease of Personalization

By entering the names of the SMS recipients, you can automatically send personalized messages, add your story or anything interesting to engage the consumers. SMS marketing services such as Sendinblue, SendPulse allow the users to send personalized promotional texts based on the name of the recipient. This is a welcome step to build trustworthiness and long-term relationship.

Launch a Mobile App

Wondering why you need a mobile app when there is a fully responsive mobile website for your business? More than 120 billion apps were downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store by 2019. There are several benefits of having a mobile app for your business.

  • Apps are much more faster compared to in-browser webpages
  • You can personalize the apps for any specific user for greater interactive engagement
  • You can send customized notifications, offers, and other communications to the app users

Don’t know how to create a mobile app for your company? You can convert your entire WordPress website into a mobile app. There are several powerful plugins to help you convert your website to a fully functional mobile app.

Optimize Your WooCommerce Site for Desktop

While the mobile internet use is constantly on the high rise, it is still essential to optimize your website for the desktop as well. Let’s take an example on how people use their mobile and PCs to find information online:
As stated earlier, the customers specifically enter brand names or model names to read reviews about any specific product. If the person is already aware of the new Samsung smartphone release, he may check out for the buyers’ reviews on his mobile phone. However, if the same person is also curious about the best Smartphone brands 2020, he may opt to use his laptop to read a few articles to access detailed information. In short, your target audience is spread across various devices. Optimize your website for both the platforms so that you never end up losing a chunk of buyers to the competitors.

Run Social Media Campaigns

As per reports on, over 3.46 billion active mobile social media users worldwide. According to the statistics released by Oberlo in February 2020, 91% of the active social media users access their accounts on their mobile devices. This indicates that your target audience is already visiting your social media pages every day.

Are these brand pages appealing enough to engage your audiences on their mobile phones? If not, you are missing the multiple ways to communicate the brand message to the potential customers every second. Whether you are running a blog or want to promote your physical store online, it is easy to achieve your business promotional goals with the right social marketing strategy.

  • Post status updates every day
  • Share your website content and blogs on social media pages
  • Share videos about your business, brand, and products on all social media networks- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Read and reply to all mails on your social media profiles

Target Marketing Across Multiple Channels

The multi-channel marketing campaigns are not limited to desktop websites only. You can have the same multi-faceted approach for mobile marketing as well. You can connect with the target audience on the multi-channel campaign via Whatsapp, social networking platforms, mobile apps, etc. For best user experience on the mobile platform, use channels like blog (shorter posts), podcasts, videos, ebooks, etc.

Tailor Ads for Mobile

Do you want to create an impressive mobile ad for your business? This is an important part of promoting your business to the mobile users. Before you start creating an ad for mobile, read the detailed guide on how to create mobile ads at Google Ads. There is enough information to help you create custom mobile ad specifically for your business.

Test Your Mobile Email Layouts

So you have crafted your email newsletter for mobile devices. You have also checked it with the service provider’s preview. You have also sent trial to your own email id for testing. They all look superb. But, are you ready to send this newsletter to your customers? Hmm, probably not. You still have a long way to go. Different mobile phones have varying screen sizes. Naturally, your newsletter will not look the same for every device.

You can send it to a customer based on the guesswork. What can you do? Check Google Analytics tool to find the specific gadgets used by your audiences to view your website. You will get the entire list to see the devices most frequently used to view your website. Now design your template based on this information to be absolutely sure.

Sell Your Products on Checkout at Instagram

While you cannot keep everyone happy, there is still a way out to keep your buyers on Instagram happy. Consider a young girl who does not intend to stop following people on Instagram but also wants to buy a new dress now. The Checkout on Instagram has a way out for the sellers. If you are selling products, just add them to Instagram feeds to let the buyers purchase them right away on the app without leaving the platform for a second. Promoting your brand on Instagram therefore has an added advantage, you can grow followers, engage target audiences, and even sell your stuff.

This is not a mobile marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website but definitely a channel to raise brand awareness, sales platform, and engage the audiences.

Use QR Code in CTA (Click-To-Action)

Don’t think the QR Code is important for your business? If so, think again. As of 2020, 3.45 million households scanned a QR code to get a coupon. This is on a high rise and expected to reach 5.3 billion by 2022.

QR code facilitate the smartphone users to scan the code to get some information, respond to a call to action, get a discount voucher, and so much more. It is easy to create your own QR code using the WordPress QR Code Generator plugin. Whether you want the audiences to visit your landing page or just connect you via phone call, it is easy to do so with a QR code.

Build Popups and Landing Pages for Mobile Interface

It is easy to persuade a customer to act to a Call-To-Action button on your WooCommerce store. However, it is necessary to test the popups on the mobile interface. There are several tools allowing you design impressive popups with a simple drag and drop feature. Ask for minimum information from the visitors (only email address) if possible to make the popup short and concise. Not getting enough conversions from your email marketing campaigns? Check the analytics and performance of your mobile landing pages. In this age, you need to design a separate landing pages for the mobile and desktop. Herein are some best practices to optimize the landing pages for mobile devices:

  • Add a click-to-call button so that the customers can directly connect to the seller on a phone call
  • Add a click-to-scroll navigation system if you have a longer landing page
  • Place the sticky navigation buttons in the header and footer
  • White short and abbreviated copy for the landing page
  • Compress images to avoid huge data consumption

Optimize Contents for Voice Search

Driving traffic to your mobile website also requires SEO strategy to rank higher in the organic searches. You need to use relevant keywords to rank higher on Google searches. On the mobile devices, people often want to skip the effort of tapping the keywords. There has been a constant rise in the use of voice search. It is general behaviour to use longer keyword phrases when using the voice search.

With this in mind, it is important to optimize your mobile content for long-tail keywords. Answer the Public is an excellent tool for this purpose. You can get a long list of probable long-tail keyword suggestions when you enter your keywords on this tool.

Use Sharable Video Content

According to a research report released by Animoto in 2018, 88% of the marketers are satisfied with the ROI from their video marketing campaigns on the social media. Videos have a greater impact on the mobile users. It is comfortable to watch a video on the small screen than straining the eyes reading long texts. This is why over 70% of the YouTube traffic comes from mobile devices. Create short explainer video content that can give better understanding of your product and its features. Make your content shareable across multiple platforms for maximum exposure.

Add Podcasts on Your WooCommerce Store

77% people use their mobile phone to listen to podcasts. It has been found that people listen to the podcasts throughout the day- during workouts, while on the go, at workplace, and so on.

Having podcasts on your website is part of any marketing strategy and mobile marketing is not an exception. It is an interesting way to engage your audiences on their Smartphone.
Want to run your own podcast? Well, if you have a WooCommerce site, there are several plugins to get you started in no time.

To Summarise

In the Smartphone era, every business must have a mobile marketing strategy to avoid losing a large chunk of revenue every day to the competitors.

Get started creating mobile-friendly contents for your target audience and plan your strategy with these helpful tips. They are helpful in building brand identity, drive targeted traffic to your website, and most importantly boost sales. Do you have any mobile marketing tips and suggestions to grow an online business? If so, please feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

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