Overview: The New WooCommerce Admin Dashboard

WooCommerce dashboard panel has been lacking some features especially in terms of measuring some essential metrics. To resolve the problems for the storeowners, Automattic introduced a separate plugin – WooCommerce Admin, which has now been merged into WooCommerce Core in the 4.0 release.

The new WooCommerce Admin is a JavaScript-driven an advanced dashboard for WooCommerce storeowners for tracking, analyzing key reports and metrics.

Monitor Performance and Analytics

The robust new intuitive dashboard allows the storeowners to keep tracking the performances in terms of sales, revenues, and other metrics. The store admin can see the data in the reports using 14 different data points on a single dashboard. Available in a chart form, you can choose to view the metrics based on each data point to measure performances, sales records, revenues, etc. You may even set a date range to see charted reports for the specific duration for research, analysis, and to set new marketing goals.

Fully Customizable Dashboard

Every eCommerce business is different so are the type of reports required to study the analytics, sales performances and so much more. The WooCommerce Admin plugin offers superb flexibility to customize your dashboard so that you get the reports as it suits your business needs. Whether you access the reports on a laptop or just want to have a glance while on the go on your mobile device, these customization features will enhance the look of your reports for all devices.

New Reports

The new reports on the WooCommerce Admin plugin including the product report (for different product variations) are improvised providing in-depth insights compared to the existing reports on the WooCommerce sites. They are useful and easy to analyze your sales performances, revenues, conversions, etc.

Key takeaways from these new reports:

  • Filter data based on different ranges
  • Compare reports for every month, week, or any specific duration
  • Faster and easy access to all data points
  • Supports report download in CSV format

Herein is a quick overview of the new reports on the WooCommerce Admin:

Revenue Report

Apart from giving the overall finance details, it also helps to extract data based on several aspects:

  • Overview of store revenue
  • Gross revenue and net revenue reports from selected period
  • Used coupon value
  • Refunds amount
  • Money collected from various forms of taxes
  • Shipping costs and taxes

Orders Report

You can view different attributes and status of the orders placed on your store at the Orders Report page:

  • All orders placed on your store
  • Average order value
  • Average of the number of items added to the cart per order
  • Filter order reports based selected date range
  • Product Report

    This report allows you to view and compare sales statistics for any selected product during a selected date range.

    Stocks Report

    View the entire store catalog with the data of stocks for each product. You can also see information on volume of stocks, track products low on stocks and get a report on out of stock items.

    Product Comparison Report

    This report is useful to compare the sales performance of different products and variations on your website. WooCommerce admin allows you to perform a customized view of the product comparison report for any chosen date range.

    Category Report

    This report offers a detailed analysis of the sales and revenue status of your web store for all product categories.

    • Filter data for all categories
    • View the status of items and sales for any specific category
    • Find the categories making maximum sales
    • Locate the categories with the highest net revenue

    Coupons Report

    This report helps you to understand how well your coupon offers are performing to raise conversions for your store. You can get multiple insights from this report:

    • Find the total discount amount for the coupons redeemed by the customers
    • Compare different coupon codes to see how many orders were placed on the coupon offer
    • Use preset filters to find data for Amount Discounted or Top Coupons by Discounted Orders
    • Compare different coupons using advanced filters

    Customers Report

    The customers report allows the storeowners to keep a track on the overall information about each specific customer. This report offers the some essential information including:

    Customer Data: Provides customer details including Customer Name, Email ID, Contact Information, Country, Sign Up date, Total number of orders/purchases till date, Lifetime spending, Last date of purchase, average order value

    List of Customers: You can find the details of all customers on this report page. It gives you the information about all customers- registered/unregistered along with the contact information and purchase history.

    Filter Customer information from the customer table based on the Customer Name, Username, Country, and Email Address
    Use various custom filters to find customers based on number of orders, average spend value, total spend amount, etc.

    Tax Report

    You can get all tax related reports in this section.

    • Compare taxes collected by different tax codes
    • View and compare taxes for each tax code
    • View data on taxes collected on orders and shipping

    Order Report

    You will get the entire data related to the orders in this section. Use different filters to view the orders reports as and when required. The order report provides some important insights including:

    • History of orders placed by new and returning customers
    • Order status (pending/completed) for specific date range
    • Usage/non-usage of coupon codes on orders
    • Orders for specific product

    Downloads Report

    This report allows the admin to keep a track on downloads history. You can track all downloads by applying filters based on IP address, product, order number, and username.

    Customizable Advanced Filters

    With the introduction of the new advanced filters, it is easy to scoop out the required details with ease from the reports. The new central dashboard offers the following advanced filters to extract required information faster from the report databases.

    Numeric Filters: You can extract data from the reports based on several numeric parameters including:
    More Than – Setting a specific numeric range to get reports for figures greater than the preset filter value
    Less Than – Setting a specific numeric range to get reports for figures lesser than the preset filter value
    Selective Numeric Range- Set a range with two numeric figures to find reports within the range
    Note: Apart from the numeric filters, the other filters are enhanced with autocomplete feature.
    Customer Name Filter: You may choose to extract reports based on the name of a specific customer. This will filter the reports of the entire purchase history, orders and other details on your online store.
    Email Filter: Equipped with REST API endpoint, this filter allows you to access reports based on the registered email ids of the customers.
    Country Filter: This filter helps you extract country wise reports of the customers.

    New Improved Activity Panel

    The new activity panel has a seamless intuitive appearance that allows you to control different operations on the dashboard. In the activity panel area, you will find different store management tools- accessible from the menu on the top of the page:
    Activity Panel Inbox: The introduction of the new Inbox notification section (top left menu) in the activity panel will finally offer some relief to the storeowners who are often flooded with plethora of notifications upon installing a new extension.

    The notifications are categorized into some important sections such as Stripe Payment notices, new sales records, WooCommerce subscriptions, etc. The Inbox is customizable allowing the admin to prioritize the information they want to receive.

    • Orders: In the orders section, you can see the status of the orders, work on order fulfillment, and so much more.
    • Stocks: This section allows the storeowners to keep a track the status of the existing stocks and inventories.
    • Reviews: All user reviews will appear on the reviews notification sections allowing the admin to moderate them as per requirement
    • Notifications: All general notifications pertaining to your new WooCommerce extensions, updates, and other alerts will appear in the notification section of the new activity panel.

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