Should I Use Pop-Ups on My WooCommerce Store?

You must know what a pop-up is and chances are if you use the internet you might have come across some yourself. While a pop-up can be super annoying for the visitors, it is extremely valuable for website owners – especially if you own an eCommerce store. Online stores can make a lot of money using pop-ups without irritating their clients. With that being said, many web-based stores still fear using pop-ups because they are unaware of the value of pop-ups and don’t want to annoy their visitors. What these ecommerce stores don’t realize is that pop-ups can actually increase conversion rates by 1000%! So, if you want to attract more revenue then it’s about time you start using pop-ups on your WooCommerce store.

Don’t Fear Pop-Ups

As stated earlier, pop-ups are very useful for banking in the extra revenue which is otherwise lost. The reason why a lot of people avoid pop-ups is that some greedy marketers abuse pop-ups to make as much as they can. This is a cheap but easy tactic that covers your entire screen with pop-ups and can indeed be extremely irritating – ruing your website experience.

But this does not mean that you should not use pop-ups. It’s a great tool and if used right, you will benefit from it for sure. Pop-ups can help your eCommerce store grow, cover bounced traffic, attract more conversion rates, build your email list and ultimately generate more revenue.

Different Types of Pop-Ups

By not you are probably convinced why you should use pop-ups on your eCommerce store. So, now let’s talk about how you can add pop-ups to your online store. Here are some common types of pop-ups you can use creatively on your website.

On Entry – As the name suggests, these pop-ups appear when the visitors open your website,
Exit Intent – These pop-ups show when the website detects that the user is about to exit the store. 
Time-based – These pop-ups are set on a time frame and keep appearing after a certain time period. 
Activity-based – These pop-ups appear when the user performs a certain action such as clicking on a specific category. They can also be used to attract the viewer in case of lack of activity.

Scroll-based – This shows up when the website users scroll down to a certain point on the web-page. 
E-commerce stores can use any one of these pop-ups by designing them creatively and placing them in the right place. It depends on what incentive you are giving to the buyer and how it will benefit you. For example, having a 10% off pop-up on email sign up at entry is most likely to get the users sign-up and make a purchase. It is a warm welcome to the visitors and encourages to buy.

Why Pop-Ups are Effective

So we have finally set one thing straight – pop-ups are effective! Now it’s time to understand how pop-ups work and what makes them so effective. A lot of online stores that use pop-ups claim that pop-ups have increased their sales and audience. Here are the reasons why pop-ups are effective:

100% View Rate – Pop-ups are unescapable because they have to be seen before they can be closed, hence, pop-ups have a 100% view rate. This type of display advertising is the one if you really get the reader’s full attention. 

Grabs Attention – Pop-ups grab the attention of your website visitors and deliver them a message while they are busy checking out the website. Well placed and designed pop-ups can be very noticeable and makes the users actually read what the ad is saying.

Adds Value – Pop-ups can be used to offer incentives and value to visitors. Well-constructed and relevant pop-ups deliver value to the website users and customers. By offering them different incentives no matter how small, you will grab customer loyalty. For example, you can offer discounts or free delivery using pop-ups.

Unavoidable – Unlike most advertisements, pop-ups are unavoidable. The user needs to open the pop-up before they can close it so the message has been communicated nonetheless.

Aids Email marketing – One common benefit of using pop-ups is increasing your email list. Hence, with pop-ups you have increased email subscribers which gives you more audience for your email marketing.

Communication – Like every other marketing tool, pop-ups are a great way of communicating special and important messages with the website visitors. So, you can use them to announce special deals, discounts and offers!

All these reasons make pop-ups very effective but the main reason why they are so effective is that they give real results. Pop-ups increase your conversion rates and ensure more profit. While it is true that pop-ups may cost you some leads by annoying a few impatient visitors they can, however, offset this cost by attracting the bounced traffic.

Pop-ups work differently for every website depending upon the audience and the type of pop-ups used. Ecommerce stores should test different pop-ups and optimize them to maximize the outcome according to their own needs. If the benefits of the pop-ups outweigh the costs, then you must use them.

How to Use Pop-Ups for WooCommerce

This how you can make pop-ups beneficial for your WooCommerce store:

  1. Use the right pop-up – Make sure you pick the right type of pop-up. Web stores can pick one or more pop-ups but be careful not to abuse them.
  2. Design – Design and create pop-ups that will attract customers.
  3. Implementation – You have to be smart about implementing your pop-ups so select the right place and right time.
  4. Value Addition – Make sure you are adding value to the client’s experience and not causing them any intrusion and interruption.


Bad pop-ups can make the users feel that the advertisement is being shoved down their throat. With that being said, pop-ups are still more noticeable and engaging for the clients. Despite being utterly annoying pop-ups are still one of the most effective ways of generating leads and increasing conversion rates from online traffic. In conclusion, pop-ups will forever remain a bone of contingency between marketing and website experience. While many businesses avoid them, eCommerce stores should definitely use them!

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