Words That Create Urgency and Drive Sales

Stirring up the audience and creating anxiety is more likely to get a reaction from them, this is why marketers try different techniques which can be used to stimulate such emotions. There’s no online business today that does not use the tool of “urgency” in selling on the web. One of the most useful and age-old tactics for driving sales and attracting conversions is creating a sense of urgency and emergency among the customers.

A customer is more likely to purchase a product today if he fears it will no longer be available tomorrow. While on the other hand, the longer a customer takes to make up his/her mind, the longer they will take to convince themselves and may even talk themselves out of it. Hence, using certain words that will urge the customers to buy the product or service is a simple yet effective marketing tool.

If you want to know how you can create the excitement among your consumers and drive more sales for your WooCommerce store, continue reading this article as we reveal the best common terms you can use to boost your conversion rates.

Words to Create Urgency

Words play a very important and powerful role in marketing and as stated earlier, certain words can be used as part of your content strategy to drive more customers. If used right, common everyday words can have a great psychological impact on your audience’s purchasing power. For example, creating a sense of urgency will make them want to buy the product before it goes out. So, here are some words that you can use for your WooCommerce product badges / labels to create urgency and drive sales to your ecommerce store.

LIMITED – The term “limited” implies a restriction and immediately takes out mind towards scarcity. Hence, using these words for promotion such as “limited time offer” or “limited edition”, will encourage the buyers to act fast before the promotion or the stock runs out.

TODAY – As the word says itself, it implies that you can benefit from a certain promotion or offer only within 24 hours! This automatically stirs the audience to make a quick decision and buy something today because it will not be available tomorrow.

SALE – Nothing creates urgency in the audience as this word does. People love saving money and getting more for what they pay. The word sale drives people to buy more than they would if the products/services were not on discount.

FREE – Who doesn’t like free stuff? Using the word free in your marketing campaigns will attract more customers. Using promotions and deals such as “Buy one get one free” or “free delivery”, makes the consumer feel special and appreciated.

HURRY – Nothing says urgency like hurry. By using this word in your promotion strategies you are telling your customers that they can make the most of your promotions if they act fast. It demands swift action from the customers and they are most likely to give you that reaction.

ONLY – This word infers “at best” or “unique” so using only will make customers think about the exclusivity of your offer. For example, “only for two weeks” or “50% off on shoes only”.

SAVE – This is the best word to portray both time and monetary savings. Telling people that they can “save” while spending makes them feel secure and enables them to make a purchase in due time. A simple way of how you can use save is by pairing it up with high price items to make them appear more affordable. For example, “Save 20% on spending $100 or more”.

LAST CHANCE – The term last chance influences the customers to act before the time runs out, hence, creating a sense of urgency. Whether it is the ending stock or the last two days of the sale, using this term will have the customer running to your store.

ACT NOW – Act now means “now or never”. If your customer does not react to the offer right now, he/she will regret it later. This creates a quick response in the customers and enables them to reach their purchase decision quickly.

RUSH – Again, terms like these stir up excitement and a need for reaction among the consumers. By creating haste in the consumers they will be stimulated to buy the product or service quickly and without wasting any time.

NOW – The human psyche is easy to influence and words are very useful tools to do that. Similarly, a simple and short word i.e., now, has the impact to get a reaction out of the customer in the current time. By telling them to act now, you are mentally pushing them to act as fast as they can.

CLEARANCE – By announcing clearance of stock, retailers are telling the customers to act quickly because it is the last remaining stock and they will never have another chance of buying it. To create extra urgency a lot of marketers also put a sale on clearance stock.

OFFER EXPIRES – Putting an expiration date on something infers that you can only use it for a certain period of time. This creates a sense of limitation to the benefits you can avail from something. Therefore, using the term “Offer expires” will drive customers to take advantage of the given offer within the given timeframe. This makes them act fast.


Words have the power to leave a life-long impact on our minds. They have the power to affect our emotions and our actions. For long marketing experts have used the power of words to drive sales. Thanks to years of experiment and market research, there are certain marketing power words today that can make or break your brand. Using the right words to attract clients will increase your sales. However, the key element here is the timing; you don’t just want to create a desire for your product/service, you must make the customer react. One tactic to arouse a reaction in customers is using words that cause urgency. So, use the words mentioned above and see how they boost your sales!

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