Skyrocket Your Conversions With A Killer Presell Page Strategy

A presell page is a landing page that should attract potential customers to finalise the sale. Here we explain what you need to know about writing a high converting Pre-sell page.

Select an engrossing and related topic

Before you begin the process of writing your presell page, you need to identify your target audience. 
Then make a list of topics that are connected to your field. It does not need to be exactly about your product and neither it needs to be a sales copy. It can be a general topic that is beneficial to the potential customers.

 Conduct research to identify the apt topic. You can even carry out a Facebook poll to know what viewers are interested in knowing about.

Write a powerful headline

A headline is of supreme importance as it is the first thing that the audience will notice. The decision of whether to continue reading the presell page or not depends on the headline to a great extent. In addition to being unique, catchy and precise, it must exactly convey what the audience can expect from the page.

It can be broadly of the following types. We’ll take clothing topic as an example.

  • Competitive: Clothing that’s actually worth the money
  • Beneficial: Why clothing needs to be more practical
  • Inspirational: Outfit ideas to look more stylish

Decide the type of heading depending on what will attract the target audience the most. Write a subheading to add more value to the content. 
We will discuss the benefits driven headline: Why clothing needs to be more practical.

Provide Practical tips

Once you have decided on the topic, the next step is to begin writing the actual content. Right after the headline, you can include five subtopics with tips that the reader can follow. The tips must be informational, inspirational and actionable. It is recommended to include at least three actionable tips as it is something that the customer can follow. If the results are successful, it would increase the trustworthiness and reliability of your brand.

Have fun with your clothing

How to Have a great sense of style

Get inspired by hndreds of outfit ideas

Introduce Your Product

This is the transition phase where the focus now shifts from the tips to your product. Meticulous planning is required to introduce the product effectively.

The 4 essential elements that need to be included are:
Audience Persona Image – It has to be a representation of your ideal customer.
A leading question – Ask a question that will make the audience think about the need for your product.
Core Value of the Company – Introduce the basic idea behind your company.
Product Placement – This is where the product comes to the limelight

Display Social Proof

Marketing your product with social proof is a tactic that works every time. From grabbing attention to winning people’s trust this technique can play a tremendous role in increasing conversion. Getting your product endorsed by a famous celebrity is one way to do it. Having said that, the audience must be able to connect to the celebrity and believe that they have used the product. It is thus essential to choose a relevant personality, in our example, it can be an actor who has become a new parent. Even a social media influencer talking about your product is a great social proof. 
If you want to be endorsed, send your products to famous celebrities and ask them to use it. It is also worthwhile to pay them to do it as it is a very effective strategy.

Here’s are some steps to show social proof:

  • Reveal the Name of the celebrity that uses the product and her image

  • Write the company benefits as experienced by the celebrity herself
  • Include a social proof feature by stating how the particular product is useful
  • A statement quoted by the celebrity can also be included
  • The placement of the call-to-action button is very important here as this is what leads to sales. It should entice the viewers to click on it and even make a purchase.

Tell more about the product

After you have convinced the audience about the reliability of your brand with social proof, you can give details about the product. The time is ideal as the product introduction and social proof might have already aroused interest among the viewers.

This section can be considered as a sales pitch and it is where the potential customers can take action. Include everything that the customer would like to know about the product like price and product description. Also, it’s good to mention the age group that the product is suitable for. It must be followed by a captivating image of the product. Here itself you can give the option to add the product directly to the cart. Further, to make the purchase decision prompt. If the user wishes to view other products available in the store, they must be conveniently able to do it. Conclude this section with an option to go to the product page.

Introduce the person behind the brand

The story of the person behind the brand can be fascinating for the audience to read about. At this stage, they might already be curious to know what was the idea behind the introduction of the product. 
You can begin this by mentioning the common mistakes people make when buying products similar to your field.

Display a testimonial

It is a known fact that a testimonial can tremendously influence the buying decision. Display one of the best testimonials followed by a call-to-action button. 
Try to get video testimonials from customers as they are more impactful than the written ones. In case you don’t have it yet, try rewarding the customer to record one for you.

State USP and Bundle products

This is the final section of the Presell page and is one of the most significant parts. This is where you can conclude the page, advice to boost cart value and also mention how you would like to stay connected with the audience. 

Briefly remind the customer what they have gone through till now by mentioning your unique selling point (what differentiates your product from the competitors). Aim to increase the transaction value by offering product bundles. 
Finally, add a Newsletter signup option to ensure that customers come back to you. Provide them discounts for signup and regularly update about offers.


It is totally worthwhile to invest in this remarkable page and advertise it extensively. In addition to making your brand familiar among the audience, this one page can skyrocket your conversions. You can even send this page in all email communication and even along with the cart abandonment notification. Keep in mind to optimize the images to ensure that the page loads quickly.

 Dedicate a fair share of your time and effort to design a page that sells.

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