How to Create a Text that Sells

The more individuals utilize the Internet today, the more organizations (big or small) are eager to invest in various types of online instruments which will help them sell their products or services. One common instrument that all businesses use today to help boost sales is creating a powerful marketing text. A selling text can be spread through different platforms such as business websites, social media platforms, other online forums, etc. Many organizations are searching for writing and marketing experts who know how to grab the reader’s attention towards your product or service.

But how do you create a sales text? How might you compose a selling text that could expand sales rates? We will tell you how! Continue reading to find out how you can write a text that will not only promote your business but also leave a great impression on the readers.

What is Sales Writing?

Sales writing is not just creating promotional material. In today’s digital age of the internet, SEO and online consumerism, content is everything. This includes written content which according to expert marketers is a great opportunity for interactive marketing. Hence, every online business, blogger or writer is constantly looking for ways to produce engaging written content that will attract the readers.

Therefore, any written text targeted at inducing a reaction from the reader is a sales text. It can be a blog post posted on different websites, Instagram caption or even a tweet on Twitter! It can also be a promotional material to sell a particular product. However, a sales text has to be engaging, dependable and it should make the reader feel important.

Before we talk about how you can write a text that sells, let’s first discuss the important elements of a sales text.

Important Features of a Selling Text

To sell a text, you need to identify certain factors which are:

  • Memorable and eye-catching headlines
  • Relatable and engaging content
  • Valuable information
  • Special features and advantages
  • Emotionally persuading
  • SEO Keywords and key phrases

Creating a Text that Sells

SEO writing or Copywriting does not only require talent but also a skill, patience, and persistence. A copywriter needs to understand the psychology of the human mind, the intricacies of a good write up and to make a profit from a well-organized text. To create a compelling and engaging sales text follow these steps:

Choose your Audience

Every writer needs to figure out his target audience first because only then he can write according to the perspective of his writers and make his stroke of genius appealing and relatable. Similarly, in the field of sales and marketing, you need to identify your target audience before devising the marketing strategies.
Whatever you are trying to sell online – your image, product, service, blog, etc., you must know who you are selling to? For example, if you tried creating a sports blog then your target audience is sports fanatics and not teenage girls blessed with makeup! So, in short, the first thing you need to do before writing a sales text is defined your audience.

Vivid Headlines

A good text should have an attractive title to grab the attention of the reader. A weak headline will make your entire content weak. For a higher interest rate from the readers, make sure you create a memorable and eye-catching headline which will make them read the whole thing.

Relatable and Engaging content

Getting readers to the content is fairly easy, however, retaining their attention is not. Your piece of writing should be a perfectly balanced cocktail of valuable information, compelling facts, and special features and advantages. All in all, make sure whatever you are selling, it is mentally stimulating for the reader.

Inspirational and Emotional

Humans are emotional fools. Having facts and figures is not enough to convince your reader; make sure your writing is emotionally persuasive and should create a “want” for what you are selling. Once the readers realize the worth of your product/service in their life, they will want to have it.

Use SEO tactics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial element for online growth and success. To get your content to the readers in the first place, you must use SEO tactics. A simple SEO strategy to make your content rate higher is the use of keywords and key phrases. Placement of keywords majorly affects the movement of your website, its lead generation, and transformations. Where your website is positioned in web indexes depends greatly on the use right keywords. Research demonstrates that internet searchers mostly and usually tap on an outcome on the main page and that too on the top of the list. Hence, the higher you rank on the search engine then the chances are you will attract more public.


A good sales text is well-organized and properly structured. The structure of a good selling text should be like this:
The Problem – This refers to the main issue at hand; the central idea of your write-up.
The Promise – This is the core of the audience’s desires. This refers to what you have to offer to solve the problem.
The Proof – These are the facts and figures to make the readers believe in what you are trying to sell. This is crucial for winning their trust as it validates their desires.

Set your goal

Nothing can be accomplished without defining objectives and sensible goals. Why your business needs sales texts and what are you trying to accomplish? Do you wish to introduce a new product/service, attract new consumers or include more recurring buyers? A definite goal of the text campaign is something fundamental in nature but it gives you a chance to search, break down, think about, and amend writing strategies. Here are some goals of a sales text:

  • To boost sales
  • To introduce a new product/service
  • To raise brand awareness
  • To increase the conversion rate
  • To build a client list
  • To push existing clients to purchase once more
  • To attract your competitor’s audience


From planning to execution to analysis, each progression in creating a text that sells is important to make it a success. By following the steps mentioned above, you should start getting the fruitful results of a powerful selling text.

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