The Best Call-To-Action Phrases

Call to action in marketing is used for any term that induces a prompt and immediate response among viewers, readers or listeners. These are words and phrases designed to gain the attention of the audience to perform a specific action that encourages sales.

To find out how you can write a compelling call to action phrase continue reading this article.

Crafting Call to Action Phrases

To design a compelling call to action you should first know the objective of your content. Know what action your call-to-action should induce in your audience. For example, if your objective is to get your viewers to subscribe for email updates then some call to actions you can use are:

  • Subscribe now!
  • Join us!
  • Sign up now!

Before crafting your call to action keep these things in mind:

  1. Start your sentence with an imperative verb i.e., action words like call, download, read, contact, etc.
  2. Try to create a sense of urgency with words such as now or today.
  3. Give your audience an incentive.

Focusing on these three things will help you make a powerful and attractive call to action that will entice viewers to take the desired action.

Now, it’s time to dive into a few call to action phrases. Let’s see how and why they work!

5 Effective Call to Action Phrases

Get It Now!

Instead of the verb get you can also use words like gain, seize or snag. This phrase is a simple yet effective call to action because humans, by their very nature, prefer to receive than give. This call-to-action implies a benefit for the audience, hence, they are more likely to carry out the desired action. With the addition of the word “now” you also add an agency to your call to action that enables users to act fast and make the most of the given opportunity.

Read On

This is a very easy call to action that can be used in blog posts. Share your blog post on social media and add “read” on to get the viewers interested in your piece. This is very useful for bloggers, writers, and content creators.


This is the most common call to action to get viewers to make a purchase. The audience is called to action as it is their original thought. “XYZ” can be any product or incentive that will add value to the customer’s life. The goal is to inform and ensure your viewers that they want what you’re offering. Your audience does not originally need the product but reading the phrase creates a desire for it.

You’re running out of time!

This is perhaps the oldest call to action that always works. It induces urgency and scarcity for what you are offering. Some other phrases that can be used in place of this include:

  • Act now!
  • Don’t miss out!
  • Get it before it’s gone!

All these phrases enable your users to make a quick purchase decision. They will rather go for the product than miss the opportunity of ever having it.

Reserve Your Spot

This is a great call to action to express exclusivity. When people feel like they have to be accepted to join something where there are limited spots, they are automatically attracted to be one of the lucky few. Hence, this call to action works perfectly for free webinars and other virtual events.


No matter what the purpose is, make sure your call to action is attractive and relevant to your audience. Use the call to action phrases mentioned in this article and improve your digital marketing strategies today!

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