The Most Common Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment

For an online dealer, nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing customers abandon their shopping carts at the last click. This is called shopping cart abandonment.

According to a report by Bolt, 69.57% of customers do this before buying.
To avoid a huge loss, E-commerce marketers should set their goal to eliminate shopping cart abandonment by understanding why customers show such behavior.

Here are some of the most likely reasons why customers opt for shopping cart abandonment:

Costly shipping

According to a survey by eConsultancy, 74% of customers abandoned their shopping carts due to costly shipping.
If the shipping cost is too high, it makes the total cost even more. This prevents the customers from buying the product even after they have added items in their cart.

Customers get overwhelmed after looking at the offer of ‘free shipping’. So don’t surprise your customers with pricy shipping. Offer them free delivery as 60% of successful online retailers prefer it.

Window shopping

According to a survey mentioned on Statista, about 37% of online shoppers just browse randomly. They click on an item, place it in their cart, and later on never show their intention of buying it.

Unfortunately, this has become very common among online shoppers as most of them are more interested in special discount offers than buying any actual product.

Thus, providing them with such discounts or using intellectual shopping carts (which analyze traffic and show new products) are better solutions.

High prices

Convenience is not the only reason why customers prefer online shopping, they want cheaper rates too. Surprising them with additional charges and higher prices than at the local store will eventually lead them to shop-cart abandonment.

You can avoid this mistake by offering them good deals, codes, and sales to compensate for higher prices. Otherwise, you must justify your prices.

Unavailability of guest visiting option

Customers get frustrated if they are forced to create an account on your website before buying an item. An old or satisfied customer will have no issue in creating it, but if it’s a new customer, then chances are that he/she will ditch his/her cart.

Just make their first shopping easier by inserting a guest visiting option or redirecting them from the shopping cart to the shipping form directly.

No free coupons available

By looking at the condition of E-commerce today, we can say that customers are highly accustomed to free coupons or promo codes. If they are not offered coupons, then they won’t shop for an item. So by keeping in mind the psyche of such customers, do not forget to offer them amazing discounts on most of their purchases.

Slow shipping

A survey by DropOff says that 60% of shoppers drop their shopping-carts when they see slower shipping time. 40% of consumers want their deliveries to be on the same day. Thus it is better to deliver the product on the very same day, especially if you are a new dealer or engaging with a new customer.

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