How Product Labels for WooCommerce Can Boost Your Sales Immediately

Have you ever considered to add product labels (badges) to the products on your WooCommerce store?

If not, the products on your website are failing to make an appeal despite quality and reasonable pricing. According to a research by Monetate, using product stickers strategically on your eCommerce store can boost conversions rates by 55%.

Read on to learn about various types of product labels in this article that you can add to different items on your gallery to increase sales quickly. You will also get to know how to use product badges on your WooCommerce store to motivate the buyers to order more items.

What are Product Labels?

Also called product stickers or product badges, product labels are small but identifiable ‘virtual stickers’ storeowners add to certain goods to highlight specific information about the item to attract the consumers’ attention.

Why Product Labels are Important for eCommerce Sales?

There are multiple ways the product labels can help in influencing the buyers’ purchase decision. Herein are some of the prime reasons to add them to your products:

  • Help the customers to find the desired products quickly
  • Educate the visitors about certain qualities of the product
  • Increases reliability of the product
  • Motivate the buyers to purchase the item

Apart from offering information, these product stickers produce psychological triggers in the minds of the customer to act quickly such as paucity, popularity, reliability, restraint, and so on.

For instance, products bearing the ‘New Arrival’ sticker instantly produces a trigger in regular customers looking for fresh stocks at the store. The ‘Bestseller’ badge influences the buyers who are particular about popular items at the store to be absolutely sure. Similarly, there in an urge to place an order quickly when we see a low stock alert with a sticker like ‘only 2 left’.

Product Labels (Badges) Ideas to Raise Conversions

Don’t know what type of product badges to use to tag products on your store gallery? Following are the most popular product badges proven to impact the purchase decisions quickly.

Everyone Wants to Buy It – Popularity

When we see a product being purchased by majority of the customers, it seems convenient to make a choice. The ‘social proof’ helps to build trust among the new visitors or interested customers. These product stickers convey the following information:

  • A large number of customers have already liked and purchased the product
  • There is a growing demand for the item so the stocks are low or emptied
  • Due to higher user ratings, experts recommend this product

Some examples of badges in this category include:

Best Selling

Also called ‘bestseller’, this sale badge informs the buyers that this product is high on sales record for since arrival.


You can add this sticker to products that have received highest ratings and positive reviews from the buyers. Often new buyers rely on what others are saying about the item.

Editors’ Picks

When experts recommend something, people presume that those who have experience of using several products of the similar type have found this piece.

Out of Stock

Many stores do not remove the popular merchandize from their list even if all the units are sold out. They rather put the ‘out of stock’ sticker to notify the buyers. There is also an option for the visitors to submit their email address to get a notification when the item is back in stock.

Back in Stock

When the storeowners start selling the items after the product went out of stock, they can put this label. It informs the buyers that this product was out of stock due to massive sale and has been raised in stocks again considering the huge demand.


Certain products are so popular among the customers that they keep searching for an upcoming version.
In this case, the iOS devices is an excellent example. Apple Inc. is appreciated for introducing the technological innovations with every new release. Whenever a new iPhone is put on pre-order, there are thousands of customers worldwide to register for advanced bookings.

Till Stocks Last – Paucity

The notification showing very low or limited availability of certain items is brilliant way to trigger the fear of missing out (FOMO) anxiety in the visitors. Most of the customers are very likely to place an order instantly to get the product before it is out of stock. Some famous scarcity badges are:

Hard to Find

This badge is used for products that are hard to find elsewhere. It immediately conveys that the product is rare but extremely popular. If you are proud of selling authentic-flavored Chicago style hot Giardiniera, display this on your store proudly with the ‘Hard to Find’ badge. There is huge demand for such items online but the real taste is very difficult to find.

Almost Gone/Low Stock Alert

This displays the information about the low availability of the particular merchandise in the inventory. Girls often freak out seeing the ‘Only 1 left’ sticker on their favorite piece of earrings.

Countdown Timer

This works best when the customers find that the 30% discount offer is going to end in a few minutes. With the clock timer running, they are in a hurry to complete the ordering process as fast as possible. Often the timer is set on ‘Deal of the Day’ badge to maximize the impact.

Grab Yours Now Before It’s Gone – Exigency

Something scarce, rare, and exclusive influences the purchase decision faster than any general item on the store.
Limited Edition: When looking for watches, a branded model with the ‘Limited Edition’ tag always grabs the attention of the posh buyers.

Limited Period Offer

This label is often put on goods put on a discount price for a short time. If you want to create demand for overstocked merchandize in the inventory, the badge can work wonders.

Deal of the Day/Today Only

This is also an emergency situation that urges the need to place an order immediately before the time passes when the special price offer will expire.

Deals You Can’t Miss – Discounts/Offers

We all love special offers, discounts, sale prices and so on. The following badges are proven ones to boost sales on your store.

Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free

Use this badge when you want the customers purchase more units of the same item. A free item on the order seems a welcome offer to every customer. However, it is crucial to do the calculations to make sure it is still earning some profits.

Free Shipping

Nobody wants to spend extra $ on shipping costs. Using the free shipping badge will noticed quickly increasing the chances improving conversions on your store. You may additionally introduce a minimum total cart value to be eligible for the free shipping offer.


Inspire maximum of visitors to register for subscription with the ‘Subscribe to Save’ badge.


You may add a sticker ‘Save with Combo Purchase’ or ‘Combo Save’ to show product bundles at a special price. People may find all the products in the bundle useful to save money on the purchase.

Bulk Discount

When you want to sell more units at once, offer a bulk discount. It is helpful clear your stocks faster. Save $/%: Some customers like to see a flat deducted price offer while others are looking for % discounts. Add a mix and match of money saver deals to impress majority of the buyers.

Clearance Sales

When on a rush to clear off the stocks in the inventory, the clearance sale with reduced price is an opportunity for many customers.


To increase sales, you can suggest complimentary products with the ‘Add-On’ badge. Give a makeover to your cross-selling strategies with these stickers. Suggest shoes, T-shirts, and other accessories to a buyer who has just added a jeans to the cart.

Fresh and Recent Stock Badges

Regular customers are likely to leave your store if they do not find something fresh at every visit. Highlight your new merchandize with labels like ‘New Arrivals’ and ‘Hot Trends’.

Seasonal Offer Badges

Everyone is on a shopping spree during the holidays and festive season. Make the most out of these events with special sale offers on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. To succeed create separate batch of products to prepare an interesting theme shopping gallery.

Exclusivity Badges

Many buyers look for exclusive items that no others can buy. Exclusive: If you are exclusively selling certain brand or models that no other online store offers, the section may become can become soon become popular among regular customers.

Members Only

The tag shows that the customers need to sign up at the website to buy the item. Some websites also charge a membership fee upon registration. This is sure shot idea to inspire the visitors to become a registered buyer at the store. You can build a large email subscribers’ list, send special offers to and so much more.


Everyone loves to save money. Buying grocery or other household supplies at the wholesale price is priority for several buyers. You can sell in bulk and empty the inventory quickly using this badge.

Product Labels Best Practices

Now that you know the type of product badges to use to impose conditions, show information and increase sales, herein are some considerations to get going right with the product badging strategy:

Get Started with Some Basic Badges

Before you become a pro in using product badges, start with the basic ones – ‘New Arrival’, ‘Bestseller’, etc.

Test, Test, and Test

Like all other marketing strategies, it is important to test different products with various badges at different point of time to see what works and what not. Keep an eye on the analytics to study the impression you are able to create with each of the stickers.

Target Local Market with Badges

Some products are specifically important to certain geographical locations. This is specific for restaurants and several other businesses. If you are selling goods in multiple nations, you may geotargeting flag badges to show the products available in specific countries. Some items may be sold by sellers in selected cities only. If so, put a notification badge with the name of the city-‘Available in NYC Only’.

Avoid Overdoing

You may use several badges at a time on your website. However, if every product has a sticker, it can rather be distracting and confusing for the buyers. These badges should help in quick decision-making and not create a confusion.

Use Common Phrases

Use popular and familiar terms for all stickers. When customers find the desired offers described in common phrases, they recognize it instantly and are more likely to take an action.

Make the Most of the Holiday-Specific Badges

While you expect to make huge sales during Christmas, do not miss out the other opportunities on Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and so on. To make the most of the holiday sales, make product clusters to prepare a theme gallery for every occasion.

To Sum Up

Using product badges wisely on your store can help in increasing conversions and improve sales on your eCommerce store faster. However, it is important to add proper stickers that best describe the information for the specific products on your store.

Among other takeaways, you can add product labels with little efforts and start reaping the profits straight off.

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