Surveys: How To Get Feedback About Your Website Navigation?

There are many reasons why a certain website is better than the other even when they look alike. While they both may look fine, certain unseen factors make one website feel better than another. These factors include things that enhance the overall quality of website experience such as quicker load time, fewer distractions, color scheme, tone of the content and navigation. Clear navigation greatly improves the usability of a website, hence, if the navigation is unclear, users will likely get confused. Thus, visitors will leave your website with a poor experience.


The quality of a website experience is a crucial factor in deciding whether or not visitors want to view your content. The secret of a successfully running website with regular visitors is a combination of many factors from building the website to what keyword will be used for SEO. However, building a perfectly SEO website is not enough because you will attract the visitors but you cannot retain them if your website is poorly organized. This is why smooth navigation is so important for the success of a website – it makes visitors keep coming back.
A website with poor or unclear navigation will leave a bad impression on the users and they might never come back. Thus, you are losing valuable leads, potential business opportunities, and money. To combat such issues websites should run website navigation surveys. Such surveys a way of finding out about the experience of visitors while using your website. The information gathered through these surveys can help you discover possible problems with navigation and resolve them.

What are Website Navigation Surveys?

A website navigation survey is a questionnaire through which websites get feedback from the visitors to learn about their experience of accessing and visiting the website. This is an efficient and effective way of gathering information about the quality of the website from the visitor’s perspective. Moreover, it also allows visitors to leave their opinions and recommendations for the improvement of your website.
As stated earlier, websites (especially large ones) have different pages, categories, and sections. If the users cannot find what they are looking for because of the poor layout or design then they will simply leave. Hence, website navigation surveys help us in identifying such errors and design faults which can cause a serious problem for the business.

Sample website navigation survey questions

Some sample website navigation questions which can be used to analyze and assess the quality of a website and the design of website navigation are:

Did you have any problem(s) in finding any product?

Questions like these will help you identify if there is a problem in the first place. If the answer is a simple “yes”, ask a follow-up question to dissect the issue and find out the cause of the problem. You will be surprised at what insight you get from the visitors.

How will you rate your experience from 0-10?

The answer to such questions will give you an overview of how visitors feel about your website on the whole. However, to get more elaborate answers and feedback, ask further questions.

Was it easy to navigate the website?

This question will tell you exactly what you need to know. The more visitors answer “no”, the bigger the issue is. However, this answer is not actionable. While you may find out that there is a problem, it won’t identify what the problem is. Therefore, such questions should have follow-up questions to get to the root of the issue.

How can we improve our website?

Asking a question like this does not only help you find out what you need to improve in the website but it also makes the visitors feel important. Allowing them to share their honest opinions and ensuring to consider those opinions will keep visitors coming back.

What did you like best about the website?

This is also an important question that will tell you what the visitors enjoy most about your website – revealing the strength of your website. You can use this information to improve the website and make it better for them. You can capitalize on the good aspects and enhance the key features when planning to redesign.

How to run a website navigation survey?

You can run a website survey through a pop-up survey or a prompt. These quick surveys are very effective and convenient because:

  • They do not disturb visitors
  • Visitors can take the survey while browsing the website
  • They can be placed at certain pages of the website targeted at a particular group of visitors
  • They can be designed to assess both the usability and navigation of different areas within the website

  • They can be placed anywhere within the website to get feedback of a certain area

Using Navigation Surveys to optimize WooCommerce and WordPress

As stated earlier, website surveys can be used to assess the quality of your website. These surveys can be used to analyze and improve usability, navigation, integration and overall website design. Hence, using website surveys for WooCommerce and WordPress can also prove to be fruitful. 
An easy, engaging and fun survey will get maximum participation from the user and give you the feedback you are looking for. Hence, adding surveys to your WordPress and WooCommerce website will tell you whether or not your visitors are happy and satisfied.


A well designed and smoothly running website is very important for your business. If you want to make the visitors keep coming back then you have to give them the best website experience. To improve the quality of a website, having logical, clear and quick navigation is a key factor. One way of achieving this is by conducting fun and engaging website navigation surveys. These surveys are handy and will help you gain insights regarding the visitor’s experience of your website. You can use the data to identify, improve and fix your website, resulting in a better website experience to satisfy the users.

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