What Is A Call-To-Action And What Should They Do For You?

Call-to-Action (CTA) is one of the key factors of any effective marketing campaign. For a successful marketing campaign, you must have successful CTAs to improve conversion rates, boost revenue, and increase profit. While using CTAs is perhaps one of the oldest and most commonly used marketing tools, it is important to know how to construct and implement the right ones for your marketing purposes.

In this article, we will talk about what a call to action is and what they should do for you.
So, without further ado let’s take right in!

What Is A Call To Action?

Call to action is a term used by marketers is to grab the attention of target audience and to convert them into long-life customers. As the name suggests, the purpose of a CTA is to literally get the visitor to take the desired action. Hence, a call to action usually refers to the use of words or phrases which encourage immediate sale. Few example, some commonly used call to action phrases are:

  • Buy now!
  • Try it!
  • Subscribe
  •
  • Take this quiz now!

CTAs come in different forms and can be conveyed through different mediums such as billboards, social media, websites, brochures, etc.
The type of call-to-action you choose depends upon your purpose. Knowing the goal will maximize the effectiveness of your call to action and determine when and how to use it.
For an eCommerce store (woo-commerce) a call to action is mostly placed in the form of:

  • Popup
  • Blog
  • Inline
  • Slide-in
  • Social shares

Types of CTAs

There are eight main types of CTAs that you should have on your website:

Lead Generation

The purpose of a call to action is lead generation. You can place call-to-actions on any spot on your website that has the most viewership from visitors. Make sure the CTA is eye-catching and attractive enough to effectively communicate the incentive you are offering to your buyers.

Form Submission

Asking visitors to fill a form and submit their information for the contact database is not so easy. The form submission call-to-action has to be attractive and engaging enough for the audience to go through with it.

Read more

To entice your readers to read a piece of content on your websites such as a blog, case study or article, you want to display a captivating call to action that would make the users read.

Product Or Service Discovery

Product or Service Discovery call to actions make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. Some text and buttons that will take the visitor to the desired product or service will do the job as long as you are offering exactly what they need.

Social Sharing

A simple call to action is that encourages users to share something on their social media. It is a low commitment for the audience to engage with your brand.

Lead Nurturing

This call to action offers special incentives to leads in order to convert them into loyal customers like free quotes, free trials, discounts, etc. Place these call to actions where you know you have lots of lead visits.

Closing The Sale

Closing the sale call to action is required to turn your leads into customers and make sure they go through with the sale. Hence this type of CTA is only focused on sales to make sure that people are buying your product or service.

Event Promotion

This is a call to action used when there is an online event, for example, webinars or online masterclass. Use an event promotion CTA to tell people about your business and raise awareness regarding the event.
Now that you know what a call to action is and how you can use it for different purposes, let’s take a look at some benefits of using CTAs on an eCommerce website.

Benefits of Using Call to Action

Call To Actions Remove Confusion And Decision Fatigue

An effective call to action will tell your audience what to do and where to go next. It will make their journey as a consumer crystal clear and eliminate any confusion.

Call To Actions Encourage The Desired Action In Your Audience

A compelling call to action will have the power to influence the buying decision of your consumers. By focusing on the visitors’ purchase behavior you can create an attractive call to action that will intrigue them to carry out the desired action.

Call To Actions Make Sure The User Is Engaging With Your Content

The most important part of a website is content. If your audience is not engaging with your web content then they will not buy your product or services. By creating engaging call-to-actions suitable with each piece of content on your site you will enhance your digital marketing strategy and build a larger audience.

Call To Actions Increase Lead Generation And Boost Sales

The main goal of any call-to-action is to increase sales and profit for an eCommerce store. Your call to action (when designed and used effectively) will convert website visitors into leads and ultimately customers. This will eventually result in high conversion rates, more sales and increase profits.


Online shoppers are shoved with different promotional messages and marketing campaigns every day. This overwhelming exposure to digital marketing leaves the audience fatigued and frustrated. By using clear and powerful call to actions you can leave a distinct impression on your audience and influence them to take the desired action. So, use the information shared in this article and create an effective call to action for your eCommerce store now!

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