Why You Should Start Using Sticky Add To Cart Button?

In the last few years, online shopping has gone from being non-existent to evolving into a billion-dollar industry. It has become an everyday practice among millions of people around the world and keeps on growing. The reason why online shopping has grown tremendously is that it provides an enhanced shopping experience. While online shopping is easy and convenient it brings a lot of ambiguity for the woocommerce store owner.

When it comes to E-Commerce stores it is hard to know when your customer is ready to make the final purchase. However, thanks to technology there are certain signals that identify the actions of online consumers which give us insight into their purchase behavior. Understanding the purchase behavior enables store owners to manipulate the customers buying decisions by implementing certain action enabling elements like add to cart buttons.

Today, we will talk about the sticky add to cart button, its benefits, and how to use it to increase your online sales.

What Is A Sticky Add To Cart Button?

The sticky add to cart button (also known as floating add to cart button) is a bar glued at the top of the webpage of an ecommerce site. The sticky add to cart button is easy to configure and use. The website owners can enable or disable the sticky bar feature at any time and place it where they want.

This sticky add to cart button helps store owners make the cart always visible to customers for check out. When customers scroll down a web page the button will show them an “add to cart” bar so they can quickly look at any product in the cart. It also allows customers to view different product details briefly such as price, images, items left, etc.

Why Use The Sticky Add To Cart Button?

Sticky add to cart button increases sales by 8%! (Source: Growth Rock)

This figure should tell you the significance of using an “add to cart” button on your eCommerce store. Besides content marketing, user experience and other key features to retain long term customers, sticky add to cart buttons can also play an important role in attracting and keeping consumers.
The sticky add to cart button actually works as a call to action which constantly reminds the customer about the product. It subtly keeps reminding the shoppers about the card without distracting them from the task they are performing.

The sticky add to cart button offers consumers easy access to their carts and improve user experience (UX). By enhancing the customer experience you will reduce the customer ratio abandoning the cards and therefore increase sales.

Benefits of Using Sticky Add To Cart Buttons

The Card Is Always Visible

When you add a sticky add to cart button to your eCommerce web page, the card is always visible to the shoppers. Even when the users scroll down the webpage they can easily access their carts at any point without scrolling all the way back up.

Brief Product Details

Sticky add to cart buttons show brief product details such as product name, product image, product price, choose a quantity etc. The users do not have to open a new tab to view the product instead they will get all the necessary details from the sticky add to cart button. This not only enhances the user experience but also makes check out simple and easy.

Call To Action

Add to card button is the perfect call to action to remind customers to purchase an item as soon as they like it. It will increase the conversion rates by encouraging customers to act on their desire and buy the products. Hence, it is a great tool to attract the impulse buys on your E-Commerce stores.

Simple Configuration

Unlike other features of an eCommerce store, you can easily enable and disable a sticky add to cart button. No programming or coding experience is required to use this plug-in or extension.

Reduce Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

Did you know that shopping cart abandonment rate of an e-commerce store is 75% on average? (Source: Convertize)
Shopping Cart abandonment is a common problem among all E-Commerce stores. To influence customers to buy from and increase conversion rates, you can use different strategies to reduce the rate of cart abandonment on your eCommerce store. One simple yet effective tool is using a sticky add to cart button. With the help of an “add to cart” button, you can easily attract wondering customers and impulse buyers to make a purchase.

Convenient Purchase

To increase the chance of your customer buying from you and not someone else, it is important to make purchases convenient for them. Online shoppers are all about convenience and the biggest obstacle they face is checkout. Lengthy steps, slow time, and onerous forms complicate the checkout process and lead to cart abandonment. This is where add to cart buttons come into play because they make it easier for them to buy. After adding the product to the cart customers can quickly calculate the total cost and confirm payment without going through the lengthy checkout process. In this way, you reduce the general card abandonment rate and improve the conversion rates.


Add to Cart” – 3 simple yet very important words in e-commerce, is what online stores depend upon. Adding a sticky add to cart button to your eCommerce store will be highly valued by online shoppers as it will increase their customer experience and decrease the rate of cart abandonment.
If you want your eCommerce store to survive in the competitive landscape today you must use every tool you can to attract maximum consumers. By using sticky add to cart buttons you are bound to have an edge over your competitors!

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