Guide To WooCommerce Coupons

Adding coupons and promotional offers with discount prices helps to boost sales and build customer relationship. WooCommerce has a robust, easy to use and customizable coupon generation system that allows the store owners to create coupons quickly. If you own a WooCommerce shop, herein is a quick guide to help you generate unlimited coupons based on your requirements.

Different Types of Coupon Options

WooCommerce offers flexibility to create different types of coupon offers based on the sellers’ needs from time to time.

  • Percentage discount
  • Free shipping
  • Fixed product discount
  • Fixed cart discount

Steps to Create Coupons in Your WooCommerce Shop

To get started with the coupon set up process, go to WooCommerce Settings and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enable Coupons

To enable the coupons in your WooCommerce shop, go to WooCommerce-> Settings-> General-> Enable Coupons
Check the Enable the use of coupon codes checkbox to create the Coupon tab just under the WooCommerce menu on the WordPress admin control panel. Click the Save Changes button.

Step 2: Add Coupons

To create Coupons for the first time, go to WooCommerce-> Coupons page
On the Coupon page, click on the Add Coupon tab
Note: Below the Add Coupon tab, you can find – All, Published and Trash (these sections contain the various coupons applied on your WooCommerce shop).

Click on the Add Coupon tab to reach the Add New Coupon page where you can start configuring different types of coupons for your WooCommerce shop:

  • Enter your required Coupon Code – for example BlackFriday (this code will be visible to the customers who can enter it during the cart checkout) at the first field at the top of the page
  • Write a Description for the coupon (optional)
  • Fill in the details for this coupon code in the Coupon data section (situated below the description)

There are three sub-categories in the Coupon data section:


Discount Type In the General section, you can choose the type of discount applicable for this concerned coupon code:

  • Cart discount A fixed discount amount applied to the entire cart
  • Cart % discount Apply a certain percentage discount on the cart total amount
  • Product discount Apply fixed discount amount to any specific product or a list of items
  • Product % discount Apply discount percentage on one or multiple products

Coupon Amount Depending on the chosen coupon type, you need to enter a value without the currency or percentage symbol.
Allow Free Shipping If you want to add free shipping to this discount type, tick this checkbox (You must additionally enable the free shipping settings)
Coupon Expiry Date The time of coupon expiry is set to default at 12 am/00:00 hrs. Depending on this time, set the coupon expiry date when you wish to stop providing this coupon offer. (Applicable as per the time zone set on your WooCommerce store)

Usage Restrictions

Implementing the usage restrictions will prevent the buyers from using unlimited coupon discounts on your store. You can set different types of restrictions from the available options:

Minimum Spend: Set the minimum cart total required to be eligible for this code (inclusive of cart amount +taxes)
Maximum Spend: Set the maximum cart total limit you want to allow for this coupon code (sometimes, sellers discounts for greater cart totals)
Individual Use Only: Ticking this checkbox keeps this coupon exclusive. The buyers won’t be able to use this coupon with other offers.
Exclude Sale Items: Check mark this box if you want to eliminate the buyers purchasing products on sale from using this code
Products: If you have set fixed amount or fixed percentage discount, then add the products on which you want to allow this coupon redemption
Exclude Products: Enter products that you do not want to apply this coupon to. Even if you are using cart discount or cart % discount on this coupon code, then any of the products mentioned in the section will prevent the customers from using the coupon.
Product Categories: If you have set fixed or percentage discount on this code, choose the product categories you want add this offer.
Exclude Categories: If you have set fixed or percentage cart discount, add the categories you do not want to be included within this coupon offer.
Allowed Emails: Based on the emails registered with the customer billing, allow emails to be able to redeem this coupon offer
Note: If you want to implement this coupon code to all the products on your store, leave the products and exclude products sections blank.

Usage Limits

You can specify different parameters for pose the maximum limit on the number of times of using this coupon or the number of buyers who will be able to use this coupon. Fill in the details under the following sections to set the coupon usage limits:

Usage limit per coupon: Maximum number of customers who will be able to use this coupon before the expiry date
Limit usage to X items: Maximum number of items, this coupon code can be applied. This is also subject to the Usage restrictions settings.
Usage limit per user: Number of times, a single customer can use this coupon.
Once you are done with all the above-mentioned steps, click ‘Publish’ to make the coupon visible on your website. You can create and multiple coupons at the same following these settings.

How to Send Coupons to the Customers?

The customers visiting your WooCommerce shop must be able to see the available coupon offers to make the most of the lucrative offers. There are two ways to promote your coupons:

Advertise Your Coupons on Social Media, Emails, Site Banners

If you are looking for mass promotion, you can directly copy link to the respective coupon from your coupon page in the admin panel. Simply send this link via email newsletters to your subscribers list, promote on social media or show them as banner promo codes on your website or at affiliate sites for improving visibility.

Display Coupons on My Account Page and Shopping Cart

Displaying small catchy coupon banners on your My Account and Shopping Cart pages helps to attract the buyers’ attention. This also helps to influence the purchase decision of the buyers increasing your sales.

How does WooCommerce Avoid Tax Calculation Mistakes When Applying Coupons

WooCommerce automatic calculation system applies the coupons before the tax calculations. The discounts are split across to calculate the discounted price for each item on the cart. Thereafter the taxes are calculated based on the cart total/other tax rules. Additionally, the calculations are done in cents to prevent half values and rounding issues. After the calculations, the amount is displayed in preferred currency to avoid rounding problems.

Are You Using the WooCommerce 3.2+ Version?

Using the most advanced version offers added features and settings to ease your job. For instance, WooCommerce 3.2+ allows the customers to add/edit/remove coupons from the Edit Order screen.

Tips to Increase Sales with WooCommerce Coupons

There are several marketing strategies you can employ to generate more leads on your website, build customer relationship, clear up inventory faster, and so much more.

  • Create pop-up ads with various coupon offers on your website and affiliate sites
  • Post coupon offers on all major social media websites
  • Send coupons via emails and mobile text messages
  • Give discounts to customers attaining specific cart value in a week/month
  • Offer post-purchase coupon redeemable on the next cart value
  • Pop-up a coupon when a customer tries to leave your store without purchasing to motivate their purchase decision


Hope that this guide has helped you to setup the coupons on your WooCommerce store. Just start adding a few to see how they work for website sales. Don’t worry, you can change or delete them anytime and even add new seasonal offers from time to time.

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